Everyone loves LEGOS. Whether you were a boy or a girl, LEGOS were always the cool thing to have. I mean, it’s like Minecraft without the computer! Just a few days ago, this video was uploaded to YouTube. It features a Hookshot made completely out of–you guessed it–LEGOS!

Jump for the video.

Source: YouTube

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  • Rakshael

    Hookshot/dual clawshots are the best items evar.

  • Enderfiction

    That's amazing!

  • tomfewchuk

    it's called lego.. not legos, what is wrong with people!?

    • Shut up!

    • McGuirk

      Unless it's plural. Which it is in this context.

      • Andrew Ryan

        Are you kidding? Lego is like money. Do you say one money, two moneys? One homework, two homeworks? No, you don't. YOU are the only person who talks like that. It's one piece of lego, two pieces of lego. "I play with Lego". Not "I play with legos". "This is lego". "This is one piece of lego".

        LEARN ENGLISH. Thank you.

      • Nah, the plural of LEGO is LEGO, like how the plural of sheep is sheep, or the plural of Pokémon is Pokémon.
        I apologise for being kinda pedantic about it, but the incorrect pluralisation of LEGO has been something that's bugged me for years. It's kind of an OCD for me.
        The model looks incredible! I think I have a rough idea of how it'd be built, but instructions wouldn't go amiss.

        • Gorons4Sale814

          The brand is Lego. They are Lego Bricks. so in that case when you abbreviate it, they're legos! I have lego sets, i have lego bricks. how many white lego do you have? that doesnt even sound right lol. how about Ego waffles? its not "i have 3 Ego." its 3 egos.

          • RedBearLuX

            Thats because in correct english you would not say 'How many lego do you have?' You would say 'How much lego do you have?' Lego is the singular and plural just like Sheep. It's like here in England we have a supermarket chain called TESCO and a LOT of people say TESCOS which is just plain wrong.
            The correct term is LEGO regardless of it's use in the language, Legos is not correct.

          • Andrew Ryan

            It's not "many lego", it's "much lego". If you're talking about specific pieces, then it's "one piece of lego", "two pieces of lego", and so forth.

            Learn English.

  • notleigh

    would be better if it worked, though. Then ultimate jizzzz

  • Eric

    Should add a laser site to it.

  • Rob

    Why can’t I like comments when I’m on my phone? It’s off topic, but the lego-legos argument made me chuckle πŸ™‚


    (I say lego, btw πŸ˜› )

    • Rob

      Fail on my part! Page loaded properly right after submitting the above!

  • TTL

    I like how there really isn't any hard reason for "Lego" over "Legos" here, just say so.

    When I reference the company, I call it "Lego". When I talk about my giant pile of bricks, I say they're my "Legos". Same as I say "Honda" when I'm referencing the company and "Hondas" when I see a bunch of them in the lot.

    Any academic source for why this is "wrong" other than comparing it other pluralization examples?

    Oh, and by the way, just so I don't hate myself later . . . AWESOME Hookshot! πŸ˜€

    • Got it!
      Please help us to protect our brand name:
      • The LEGO brand name should always be written in capital letters
      • LEGO must never be used as a generic term or in the plural or as a
      possessive pronoun, e.g. “LEGO’s”.
      • When the LEGO brand name is used as part of a noun, it must never
      appear on its own. It should always be accompanied by a noun. For ex
      ample, LEGO set, LEGO products, LEGO Group, LEGO play materials,
      LEGO bricks, LEGO universe, etc.
      • The fi rst time the LEGO brand name appears it must be accompanied
      by the Registered symbol ®.
      Thank you for helping us!

      From here, Page 19 http://cache.lego.com/downloads/aboutus/LEGO_comp

  • Johan

    sweeeet! :'D

  • cloverplayer

    Haha I love how people can start debates over simple little things like how to say/type the plural of "Lego." You guys are ridiculous πŸ˜›

  • PinkLink

    actually it is pretty ridiculous…. ;U)

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  • Marysol Hohl

    He’s good.