We finally may have an idea when the Wii U will be releasing this year as an email from Japanese retailer Media Land has been leaked showing the North American and Japanese release dates. This is obviously just a rumor for now although if you read what the release dates are they seem more real than past rumors.

Hit the jump and check out the speculated release dates for yourself!

According to the email from Media Land, Nintendo’s upcoming console is scheduled for a November 18th release, which is a Sunday, while Japan is apparently receiving it a week later. Nintendo have been known to release consoles in the month of November as the original Wii was so this could be true info in front of us.

The only problem with this rumor though is the lack of a European release date which may seem unusual to at least a few of you. You may think if a North American release date has been given by a Japanese retailer then why is there no European one? Nintendo is expected to reveal most of the Wii U’s details as well as its final design at this year’s E3 in June.

Do you believe in this Wii U release rumor? Would you like to see the Wii U released in November? What do you expect at E3 regarding the Wii U? Let us know in the comments!

Source: EuroGamer (GoNintendo)