For years we Zelda fans have had fun poking fun at Navi’s quirks–why, just today over on our YouTube channel we dredged up that old joke.

Now that Skyward Sword has given us the wonderful gift that is Fi, there’s been quite the deluge of Fi parodies. DeviantArtist In-The-Machine provides us with a new one, including a surprising ending!

Source: deviantART

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  • Gurkirat

    WAHAHAHAH. You must really hate Phi like that.

  • The last one…Ya know, IN THE BATHROOM!

    • PKLOVE


  • miniwheat


  • weevil17

    the battery is so annoying!! it seriously blinks for like 4 hours before your battery actually runs out.

  • Keimori

    There a 99.432% chance I find this series of pictures laid out in a vertical panel fashion, containing dialogue written to represent the character’s words and obvious analysis to be very humorous.

    There is also a 100% chance that the humor of this comic was the root cause behind my emission of sounds from the throat while breathing out in short bursts or gasps as a way of expressing my amusement.

  • omarsalcedo

    Buahahahaha, 99.8564% close to reality.
    Really the Big N couldn´t have make her more annoying?

    • Craig

      Navi was a lot more annoying to me… I liked Phi's analysis, they were were detailed and most were optional, without making annoying cues and noises.

  • shelby

    and i play so much i use 4 battorys and play THAT long.