ZU Mailbag

Welcome to a very special edition of the Zelda Universe Mailbag!

This week we have a very special co-host sharing the questions and answers with me, Bastian. This is someone you all have been begging to make an appearance, and now they finally have!

View the video after the jump!

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  • Simon


  • X_factor

    Ok, the Navi thing got pretty old pretty quick, unfortunately. I think if Nintendo were to make a Zelda movie, they would have to make it in animation, very good animation. And eventually have to give the characters voices, although Link's may be optional. No man should be Link, but Link!

    Bastion, you're not alone. I found it kinda frustrating trying to round up all those masks. After I got the Fierce Duty Mask, I felt as if it was just a boss short-cut, ya-know? I'm sorry, I think a Zelda game should have a strong main story line effect. A constantly twisting plot would be killer!