T-shirts are fun, plain and simple. But this new shirt is simply marvelous! The Wind Waker is the favorite game of many fans. This shirt depicts Toon Link in the Forbidden Woods. If you look closely, he is discarding a bottle into a pot. Not only is the premise interesting but the artwork is beautiful.

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Source: Shirt Punch (via GoNintendo)

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  • Sdr M

    I already have a bunch of Zelda shirts. Hot Topic sells a lot of cool Zelda Shirts and Mario Shirts.

  • This is perfect because im looking for Zelda shirts at the moment. But you guys already posted about this shirt. Does anyone know another site that sells Zelda shirts?
    (besides Hottopic)

    • Shaelyn

      there we go. fangamer.net – and you'll find a Link's Awakening shirt there too.

  • Lyokokril

    All of these shirts were featured on Shirtpunch.com! Also the Toon Link design was brought back a few days ago! Middle shirt is my favorite from InkOneArt.

  • X_factor

    With great power comes great responsibility. Who says using the Triforce can't be eco-friendly? It can even be used to return a floating Island back to its rightful place!

  • woohoo

    : U Imma need dese.

  • Shaelyn

    urgh that replied to the wrong one.

  • jazmine

    wind waker shirt was is the best shirt ever

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