Games Like Zelda

This week we discuss the freeware Zelda-clone title Guardian of Paradise. You’ve likely never heard of it, but if you love A Link to the Past and The Minish Cap, you should watch this video and then give the game a shot!

View the video after the jump!

  • matthewzfan

    When are you gonna have the game "3D Dot Game Heroes" on Games like Zelda, that game is like the it.

    • bastian

      Actually I just bought the game so that I could review it eventually. Not any time soon though, still quite a few games to get through first. And I don't even have a PS3 yet. 😛

  • ThErEvIeWeR

    3D Dot Game Heroes is a good game, but its a complete rip-off of zelda. bosses are alike, temple are alike, and weapons are alike too! Ex. instead of fire temple and water temple its "flame temple and aqua temple". still a great game though!

  • Matt

    How bout Golden Axe Warrior?