Zelda News

This was a slow week in Zelda news, so we only have a handful of things to cover in the new episode of Zelda News over on our YouTube channel.

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  • I would LOVE for the story to be more prominent in future Zelda games, even much more prominent that in SS.

    • X_factor

      I personally would agree with you as well, but with that being said, if the story was to figuratively rise then who knows what could possibly fall…

  • TheGnarStar

    Gotta agree with you. This is such a great news show!

  • xxx

    I would love for the story would be a bit more xxx.

  • Linky-pea

    Have to say I would love for more focus on story, it’s a shame that's not the prime intention but more emphasis on story could bring Zelda games into a whole other level. I can see why they would want it to be balanced but story is king in my personal opinion. Hopefully they’ll be a little more open to that idea when they see if other people agree?