The emblem for the famous series

Cliff Bleszinski, better known as Cliffy B and most famous for designing the Gears of War series, admits that he was often teased about liking The Legend of Zelda as a child.  However, he also cites Nintendo as his “first true love,” and states that the original Zelda game gave him his first lesson in marketing.  Read on to see the full statement of how the Zelda series has affected this successful game designer, both in his career and in his life.

Gears of War designer, hardcore Zelda fan

According to Cliffy B himself:

“Nothing is more personal for me than The Legend of Zelda.

“I fell in love with Nintendo. This was my first true love.

“I was teased at school a little bit. I was chased off the bus and called Nintendo Boy. It kind of sucked back then, but my life is f***ing awesome now, and they can just go on with their lame lives.

“I don’t know if you recall the ad, it was this guy with a black turtleneck…my friends and I are sitting there…like, really? You’re going to take me from Mario to this? It was really a bad representation of what this game is.

“Then I learned about the cartridge, and that it was gold. Our minds were blown…that was my first lesson in branding.

“Then I found the manual. I didn’t have the game yet…and my friend showed up one day with the manual…I still to this day remember the scent of that thing as I opened it.

“There’s a compass and a map and a boomerang and bows and arrows…this was all new territory for me!

“It ignited my senses.”

The fabled hero

From children and adults of all ages to some of the biggest designers in the industry, it seems that there are Zelda fans anywhere you look.  When were you first drawn into the magic of the Zelda series, and into the wide world of gaming itself?

Source:  Gamasutra (via GoNintendo)