Wow it’s amazing the fan work that people create based on the Legend of Zelda and so many other Nintendo series. Jamie Ferraioli is an artist with an incredible talent for hand painting shoes and has her own shop on Etsy known as Magicbeanbuyer. Currently she has for sale some amazing Zelda designed heels for those females looking for a new style to wear on their feet.

You can find some more details of these cool footwear after the break.

These hand painted Zelda heels are available for US$75.00 and may be worth the purchase if you like them enough and have spare money on hand. One thing is certain; these do not look cheaply done up.

There’s a few others to choose from including Super Mario Bros as well. Click here to check those ones out too.

What do you think of these nice Zelda heels? Are they your style? Would you buy a pair? Hit us with some comments now!

Source: Kotaku

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  • Sakume

    First! Of all, (see what I did there) I can't walk in heels. It would be game over. So I can't buy them. There's something about the positioning that makes me uncomfortable. However, the design looks decent. Would love to see some of the workers at Nintendo wearing something like this during the business day.

    • They should all buy pairs at the Nintendo office!!!

  • Ashmic

    they're amazing but knowing me, Id snap my ankle off lol

  • art1st4786

    My feet hurt looking at these heels, but they do look very cool. I have bad feet, so I can't wear heels that high without risking permanent nerve damage.

  • Angel

    … I'm so going to teach myself to walk in heels, just for these heels.

  • Hylian_Knight

    They look too random to me. Like, just random stuff painted or printed on a black shoe. It would be awesome if there was some kind of design or if all the images went together. Then again i might be picky. I like hoodies with elaborate Zelda designs as opposed to just a random triforce and rupees printed on. I like the idea of the heels naturally they are awesome, but the design just doesn't appeal to me. Then again…it's not like I even wear heels so that doesn't matter, I'm just artistically picky I guess. xD

    • St3v13

      Yeh, I totally agree. I normally put triforces on everything but just dont think they work on the toes. I Ilike the heart or the rupees, maybe on thier own as a simple design but the master sword just looks a bit like a second thought. But i look like a baby girraffe learning to walk in heels anyway so think i will stick to my hand painted zelda converse!

  • kittyxxhello

    You have to send in your own heel? I'd rather she paint me a pair of flats then. :

  • Zelda3607

    the shoes look awesome, sadly i dont have the money or the interest in heels.

  • kamfira

    Y'all need to man up and stop moaning-these shoes aren't high at all! I'd count those as mid-range heels!