The Zelda series has seen its fair share of unofficial crossovers. It is really no doubt that it was destined for a Halo one. The mod is a really good recreation of the forest temple but the battles can hardly be considered Zelda-like. It’s probably recommended to have played Halo Reach for this mod, however.

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Source: Zelda Dungeon

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    lol that's awesome!!

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    This is what I meant by "An awesome post."

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    We do this stuff in other games that I have played which is funny and cool.

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  • Hmm… The Forest Temple is strangely lacking… well, a forest. XD Seriously, are there no plants in Halo?
    <img src=""><img src=""&gt;
    It's still a good mod, though. I could definitely see the resemblance in it.

  • Guil.

    I've never liked Halo. But now I like some of it's fans.