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Ahem. Yes. Ok. Back from that. This week’s featured forum thread! I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty much just beginning my search when I saw a thread that really got my attention, and I think it’s gotten the attention of a lot of others here at Zelda Universe, as well! Therefore, this week, I have decided to feature a thread that will certainly spark a bit of controversy, ooooooh. Yeah. Controversy, yeah.

“Why Skyward Sword Was a Disappointment” by Darkwolf!

The thread doesn’t really beat around the bush, and gets right into why the author’s favorite games in the series are so great, and how Skyward Sword fails to really fulfill these things that make the other games so great. The opening post’s components of what make a Zelda game great:

  1. Lots of side quests.
  2. Many characters and places to travel to.
  3. They had a lot of trial and error components, requiring patience to figure out puzzles.
  4. Many songs to play on the magical instrument.

Do you think these things are necessary to make a good Zelda game? This thread is a hot one, with over 120 responses and over 4,000 thread views! Be sure to have your voice heard over at the forums and give your own obviously well postulated response on the matter. Give your opinion in the thread itself and see what everyone’s buzzing about!

  • Saito

    I agree one hundred percent with DarkWolf, it's amazing how poorly Nintendo structured Skyward Sword despite all the hype surrounding its supposed potential. Really, I think it just needs to be said: The game didn't live up to Zelda standards-even in the storyline department. I feel SS is one of the worst let downs Nintendo has ever produced in the Zelda franchise, even with its successful release, I think most of the buying was done only on the basis of the excitement and not the product itself.

    I will repost the following components for a great Zelda game:

    1. Lots of side quests.
    2. Many characters and places to travel to.
    3. They had a lot of trial and error components, requiring patience to figure out puzzles.
    4. Many songs to play on the magical instrument.

    This is what The Legend of Zelda, is all about.

    • Sanity's_Theif

      Couldn't have said it better myself

  • cookie monster

    No useless filler! There was a lot of that in skyward sword…I agree with the article too

  • cookie monster

    One more thing…
    I feel, as fans, it is important to criticize SS so that way Nintendo gets a message and doesn't make the same mistakes in its next installment.

    • Sanity's_Theif


      I don't understand why people don't get this

  • Vladislak

    I agree with most of the post. Point number two especially. I felt kind of betrayed by the fact that there wasn't a big open world to explore full of sights to see and characters to encounter. Not three dungeon-esque wilderness settings with dungeons in each one.

    However, I disagree with point number 4. While many songs to play on a magical instrument is more than welcome in a Zelda game, I feel compelled to point out that A Link to the Past, the original Zelda, and other phenomenal Zelda games didn't have that.

    Off the top of my head…
    Legend of Zelda
    Adventure of Link
    A Link to the Past
    Oracle of Seasons
    Four Swords
    Four Swords adventures
    Minish Cap
    Twilight Princess
    Phantom Hourglass

    Technically Link's Awakening, Oracle of Ages, Spirit Tracks, and Skyward Sword had an instrument with songs you could learn, but there weren't many songs and not much emphasis was placed on them generally.

    That's actually the majority of the Zelda games. And most of them were awesome Zelda games, and even the ones that weren't were still good games.

    • badwolf16

      technically, TP had an instrument with a song, FYI

  • Trail

    Welcome to Majora's Mask!

  • Peter

    I do not agree with this at all. Skyward Sword had a good amount of sidequests (gratitude crystals) and areas to explore. Just because there were four main areas doesn't mean there were not tons of places to explore. I don't know what you mean by "trial and error" parts because I did not notice any (those locks had the combinations in a certain area). I don't know what you mean by not enough songs, half the songs in OOT are for warping and you don't really need that in Skyward Sword.
    If there is one thing they could have improved in Skyward Sword, it would be the story. I felt like it would have been fantastic, but the scenes were connected strangely towards the end.

  • Ashmic

    i thought it was a beautiful game, in every game that comes out there is always going to be wants, thats why nintendo tries to fix those wants in the next game.

  • guest

    I think it's silly how upset some fans get over this topic. It's all a matter of opinion! You can sit and complain all you like about those things you disliked, and there will always be someone who disagrees with you. No one's right and no one's wrong for having an opinion.

  • HyruleWeirdo

    I think that all points but the third were the greatest let down in SS. But I didn't think the game itself was a let down.

  • Witchking

    It would've been so much better if Nintendo had made the harp a little more interactive. Like, make it possible to pluck each string individually or combine them to make the songs a little richer and deeper. Using the dynamics of the Wii remote itself, I have several ideas that would've made the harp into the best instrument ever seen in The Legend of Zelda. But aside from the shortcomings of the musical department, the sidequests were a whole lot of overkill… The side-quests should've complemented the main story in small ways, like hinting at Girahim's background, or giving bits of info about the world itself. But the BIGGEST thing that disappointed me, was the lack of size to the world itself… Wind Waker had MUCH more to it's over world than Skyward Sword, and it was similar to it in design. Islands in the ocean vs. islands in the sky…? I know a REAL Zelda fan would not be complaining about what he/she wanted in the game, but I've played every single game to bear the name of 'The Legend of Zelda', and Skyward Sword had many things I've always wanted to see, but it just plain did not have enough of the classic element to it that was always present in past games. Sorry Nintendo… but I'm gonna have to give Skyward Sword a 5/10. May God have mercy on my soul.

  • Michael

    Everyone says the skyward sword wasn’t as big as windwaker and thats probably to do with the fact that everybody complained about the amount of sailing in windwaker so nintendo reduced the size to create the free-roam feel without it feeling tedious

  • badwolf16

    SS was the best. period.

  • Zelda3607

    I dont pick favorite games its impossible to do that. The reasons stated in the thread are good to have in Zelda but every game provides a sense of adventure, Monsters all around you just asking to be sliced,the weapons, the puzzles and an epic plot! Its not all about the characters you interact with, Heck Link really doesnt talk to them anyway. As far as The places and Songs and the side quests go, its about quality not quantity. I love the songs that they come up with for the instruments but if there is too many you cant really remember them and you can get mixed up. The side quests are pretty good and remember able as they are and even if they had more I'm satisfied either way. The places are also good if you're not satisfied I dare you to contact Nintendo and say you want Zelda to go out in space.(I love the Super Mario Galaxy games but I dont know how it would work for Zelda.) If you dont like what I want to say because it conflicts with your opinions lookn at the bottom of the page and share yours instead of thumbing me down for an OPINION. Opinions ARENT proven facts so its not like Im saying all of these are facts that you have to put up with and agree.

    • Saito

      Some of these points, if not all, are what made Zelda the success it has become. You have an excellent point when you refer to quality, but I feel that there must now be a balance of quantity now that the series are expanding and we as fans want the longevity of the Zelda game to grow. Sometimes we truly do have our favorites, even if you can't think of them now, I'm sure that there are Zelda games you play more often than others.

      • Zelda3607

        Excluding MM and the Zelda games I havent played I have a pretty balanced Playtime for all of them

        • Saito

          Wow, I'm impressed.

  • Hey y'all, this is a great discussion! You should take it to the forums in the thread itself and discuss it with everyone else who's a part of our forums! 🙂

  • sheikah98

    i think that this whole post was just asking for an argument. that said, i agree with this article. skyward sword was a great game that was very entertaining and fun to play, but t fell short of what it was aiming for. its a step in the right direction, but i felt that it lacked some of the things that made Zelda Zelda. it went too far away from the other games. each game needs to have its own ideas, but i feel that they all need some basic things. first, the instrument. not every game really has an instrument, but those that do have good songs. i don't necessarily think every game needs an instrument to succeed, but if they have an instrument, they need to have good songs and make them fun to play. you also need lots of characters, and they need to be more spread out. Skyloft had a good amount of people for the size of the town, but there needed to be more towns. and the world needs to have some form of open exploration. the dungeon like design of the surface bugged me. finally, i felt that skyward sword really lacked good side quests. most of them were short things for gratitude crystals, and that really wasn't enough.

    • ZeldaPlaya

      I agree the whole article is just an argument waiting to happen. I dunno whats wrong with people. They always have to be picky as heck and find things that are wrong with something no matter how good it may actually be. I thought Skyward Sword was amazing and one of the best games I played this gen.

    • You understand I am simply pointing out a thread, which is already an ongoing discussion? I am not actually positing an opinion either way about the game.

      • Saito

        You shouldn't have to explain yourself, it's quite obvious, the commentor just wants to have their input.

  • Fallen2

    Skyward Sword SUCKED… I'm SOOOO sorry to say this! I really am!