Featured Forum Thread

First, many thanks to Eternal Legend for this awesome new banner! I’ll be using it every week for the Featured Forum Thread segment. Yay! Awesome!

Sorry for missing last week, y’all! I had a really bad bout with the flu, and so I was down all weekend. However, now I have officially conquered it and its death will be remembered for many generations by flu viruses. It was a death that will live on in infamy and strike fear into the nucleotide sequences of many flus to come.

Ahem. Yes. Ok. Back from that. This week’s featured forum thread! I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty much just beginning my search when I saw a thread that really got my attention, and I think it’s gotten the attention of a lot of others here at Zelda Universe, as well! Therefore, this week, I have decided to feature a thread that will certainly spark a bit of controversy, ooooooh. Yeah. Controversy, yeah.

“Why Skyward Sword Was a Disappointment” by Darkwolf!

The thread doesn’t really beat around the bush, and gets right into why the author’s favorite games in the series are so great, and how Skyward Sword fails to really fulfill these things that make the other games so great. The opening post’s components of what make a Zelda game great:

  1. Lots of side quests.
  2. Many characters and places to travel to.
  3. They had a lot of trial and error components, requiring patience to figure out puzzles.
  4. Many songs to play on the magical instrument.

Do you think these things are necessary to make a good Zelda game? This thread is a hot one, with over 120 responses and over 4,000 thread views! Be sure to have your voice heard over at the forums and give your own obviously well postulated response on the matter. Give your opinion in the thread itself and see what everyone’s buzzing about!