If you’re upset about Young Link being missing from Super Smash Brothers Brawl, then worry no more. Project M is currently working on a Toon Link mod which will change the toony character to become more like Super Smash Brothers Melee‘s Young Link.

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Project M is a mod group whose goal is to take Brawl and change it to be more like Melee. The goal is to streamline gameplay even more, allow for more character control, allow for in stage location battle differences. It’s demo is currently available to download here.

If this intrigues you and you plan to use Project M, then you may be pleased to hear about their Toon Link mod for their mod. It takes Toon Link and applies both the style of Young Link and Link from the original Smash Brothers Brawl. The new mod for Link includes:

  • slightly faster speed
  • shield stab from Melee
  • forward jumping slash as Forward-Smash
  • two-hit Up-Smash
  • Dash-Attack is a stab
  • fire spike from Melee for down aerial attack
  • fire arrows return
  • hurricane spin introduced

As you can see, the people at Project M have made some drastic changes to Toon Link to bring some of the older styles back to Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

Do you think the styles are a refreshing change? Leave a comment with what you like.

Source: Project M

  • Ashmic

    toon link and young link aren't too far from each other, if its a big deal to someone, just play melee or download SSBB skin

    • Louis

      If you can download the skin why not just just get the moveset?

  • Zelda3607

    I wish I knew how to stuff like this…..

    • Zelda3607

      crap i meant I wish i knew how to do stuff like this(sorry about the typo…

  • Is this only for PC emulators?

    • Ashmic

      probably for hacked wii's with homebrew too

      • lootic

        I dont know, some brawl hacks is possible via the brawl stage builder, no hacks needed, just put files on a SD-card, open the correct stage in the stage builder and then the mod is applied for that session(but not changed permanently).

        • midoriiro

          When released, there is a version that will be availiable that DOES NOT require a hacked wii. It can be placed on an sd card and booted from the "stage builder" menu without any sort of system modifcation

  • Ironspy

    I don't get it… TLink is the only Zelda tier character in the top half of the tier list, while Young Link was much worse than Link in Melee.

    I loved tlink, changing him seems pointless to me..

    • Louis

      They're bringing back the designs from Young Link AND re-balancing him, along with the rest of the cast.

  • Dutgg

    Toon Link is my favorite. He's so adorable and I love him.

  • RPH1

    Wind Waker Link is my favorite because he is such a good athlete.

  • Witchking

    These new combinations sound cool… but is there any way to get this new character and keep the old?

  • Hello, I am a member of the Project M team from Brazil, administrator of our facebook page and a daily reader of zelda universe.

    I was surprised and at the same time pleased to see a post about us in one of my favorite sites.

    Thank you for your post ZU team.

    Clarifying some doubts, yes, young link was bad on Melee and TLink quite good on Brawl.
    But the idea is to get the best of each character on only one powerful Toon Link on a melee setting, not changing him to be exactly like the Young Link from Melee.

    Project M does not change only the characters, but the whole gameplay mechanics and feeling to be closer to melee, different from Pik's Model Hack.

    Stay tuned for the second version of the demo, which will be released this end of month/start of April which will include many more characters and much more refined physics and feeling than the first one.
    Available to use on ANY Wii, with or without Homebrew Channel and on ANY firmware version without risks.

    Thank you again ZU Team, we are very happy for your post.

  • Dark_Phoenix_Reborn

    i like toon link. he is one of my best fighters.

  • Guest

    I liked Young Link, I hope he returns in the next SSB game.

  • CSDragon

    fire arrows don't return, they leave fire on the ground for a few seconds.

    • CSDragon

      Also, that demo is old, and he's not in it.

      The new demo comes out sometime soon. Before the end of April, most likely before the end of March.

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  • Timothy Poplin II

    I want to see a complete young link returned not a mash up….