Without a doubt, Skyward Sword quickly became one of my top three favourite Zelda games. The story is wonderful, the graphics are stunning… and the music is heavenly. I can’t even tell you how many times I have listened to the Skyward Sword soundtrack since release, but I can tell you that I love it.

I am Rusty, and I’m glad you’ve stuck around for another Music Monday! This week’s theme is, obviously Skyward Sword. I have two things to show you today, the first; a brand new ZeldaTunes, and the second, a song I have recently come to love from the Skyward Sword soundtrack. For all of this, you can hit the jump! 

I am very pleased with how my cover of “Fi’s Piano Lament” turned out. I am less thrilled with how YouTube lowered the audio quality and cut off a few seconds, but that is unfortunately what happened. “Fi’s Piano Lament” was an instant favourite for me, and I’m happy I got to play around with it!

Next, one of my new favourite songs from Skyward Sword, Faron Woods’ Silent Realm!

I really don’t know what is about that song that I like so much. I love the normal Faron Woods theme, but this one seems so magical. Maybe it’s because I’m such a heavy user of the glockenspiel, or maybe after listening to the normal Faron Woods theme about fifty times I wanted a break; but either way, I love this song!