This is for the- hm. I can’t decide which camp would find it more amusing: the Bronies, or the Pony haters? I’m neither, yet was amused at how well it was edited.

You’ll have to decide for yourselves.

Source: YouTube

  • Soeroah

    Something we can all enjoy as Zzelda fans, I hope. Loved it.

  • Gummy

    Bronys before hoenys

  • trimph forks

    XD I hope they do more things like this; this made my day.

  • Teengamer08

    Woo-hoo! GO BRONIES!! šŸ˜‰ I saw this vid about a week ago. Good stuff.

  • I think it is cute, no Zelda's have been hurt in the making of this [WAS THERE <HOARSE LOUD WHISPER>?] and the little ponies are kinda violent aren't they….

  • petitchat03

    this will give me nightmares

  • Casual Vader

    I just witnessed ponies pulling other ponies in carriages. I don't know what to say.

  • HyruleWeirdo

    God, 2 of the most annoying things in the universe (Navi and My Little Pony).

    • The One


      • HyruleWeirdo

        No. They're just annoying.

  • Ashmic

    what does it say at 1:09

  • Keimori

    As both a Brony and Zelda Fan, I found this EXTEMELY amusing.
    Therefore this should be filed under "Extremely Awesome".

    Now if you excuse me I'm off to hit the replay button until I forget what the emotion they call "sadness" is.

  • Chris B.

    My Little Epona!

  • The Awesome KId

    navi's voice fits her ^^

  • Eddy

    I was laughing pretty hard during the first 60 seconds or so

  • Hyrule's Shadow

    This is hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing. The person who edited it with all the sounds from the game, that was just awesome. Navi as a pony is even more annoying than as a fairy. I thought that the pony playing Link would be green…

  • Zelda3607

    I'll take Navi as a companion any day. LINK ISNT A PONY THOUGH.

  • Isabella

    Coming as both a MLP:FiM fan and a Zelda fan, it was also funny in the context of the episode itself. Since Applejack (Link) wasn't answering questions as to why she wasn't going back home, her friends decided to use the one friend that is known to be annoying, Pinkie Pie (Navi) to interrogate. This clips basically sums up the entire episode as well. Major props