By now, many of you may have heard about the upcoming Playstation Network game called Journey. If you haven’t, this is the time when you take a quick note of its official release date (March 13, 2012) and get the gist of what this Zelda-like journey is all about.

Thatgamecompany, the creators of the emotional experiences flOw and Flower, have been hard at work developing this PSN exclusive that’s bound to satisfy the most devout Legend of Zelda fans.


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Based on the developer’s philosophy of emphasizing emotion and feeling for the creation of a transcending experience, Journey allows the player to travel through what at first seems like a desolate desert that then gradually overwhelms in beauty and vastness, surprising the player with the encounter of another living being (an online partner whose name and voice is omitted) who may benefit from your company or may choose to take a different route from yours.

As seen on the video, the adventure is given another dimension with its implied and minimal plot that lets the player assume the nature of the setting and the significance of the journey.

One could easily think about the influence the Zelda series may have had on this upcoming game when looking at the beautiful visual approach that strongly resembles The Wind Waker and how the grand sense of scale of this adventure evokes the mystery and wonder of early exploration in the original Legend of Zelda. The way the player is invited to head towards the horizon by means of collecting these red pieces of cloth and climbing through intriguing segments to reach a goal would also make Zelda veterans feel right at home in this magnificent setting.

PS3 owners, don’t miss out on this rich experience! If you’ve got a friend who’s hungry for more Zelda and feels like it’s already been an eternity since Skyward Sword, inform him/her that Journey is something that will appease this hunger and more.

Also taking this opportunity to say “hi” and that this is my first article on ZU. My name’s Eduardo, known as IGNIS on the ZU forums. I’m very excited to have recently joined our site’s staff, and I’m looking forward to bring you all more intriguing Zelda-related content regularly!

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