We’ve all seen mods of gaming consoles to match our favorite games and movies. Halo XBoxes, Metroid Wiis, and Wall-E GameCubes are all great examples of these (just google them, they’re amazing!).  But have you ever seen a game-themed PC?

8-Bit Builder, whom you might know as Thorkton on YouTube, has constructed personal computers like you’ve never seen.  Not only are they game-themed, but they’re completely and entirely game-shaped!  The one featured above is shaped like Link from the Zelda series (obviously).  It’s styled in an 8-bit form, similar to the original Zelda, but it features more vivid colors that weren’t available on the NES.

Hit the jump for more info on this case and more!These cases are made out of wooden blocks, glued together with some sort of epoxy.  The technical stuff is put in during the case’s production as well as after it’s assembled.  The blocks are then covered in a primer and hand painted.

8-Bit Builder is selling these on Etsy for $2,400 USD a pop, not including the extra $200 for shipping costs.  It’s one of those things that proves you’re an entirely devoted fan.  Guess it would be worth it if you really are crazy about Zelda, huh?

Here’s a “the making of” video that he has put on YouTube to show us how it’s all built.

Would you be willing to buy one of these? Maybe you’d like to offer the artist a new design idea? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Source: YouTube and Etsy

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  • Ashmic

    the USB ports are on his butt :D!

  • neos

    how is that a computer i want to see it work. also wont that i dunno burn my house down if its on for more than ten minutes

    • ArkhamOfFear

      Who cares?? This is amazing. You really have to bash this masterpiece?… Come on now..

      • Banooru

        I just want the sculpture! I don't care about computing even though that does make it ten times as awesome.

        They should have stopped the video every time he finished installing something and been like "you got the C.P.U.! With a clock speed of 1 Pegahertz (pegasus hertz), 64 bits, and a tri core processor…"

        • Ashmic

          nerd lol jk i am 😀

    • Zelda1033

      In reply to you 'how is that a computer' question… You do realize he essentially built a computer tower from scratch right? Not all computers have monitors built in on the back. Those are called laptops. 😐 This is a brilliantly made home computer you connect a monitor to.

  • Kakan

    @neos: It does work. And it won't burn down your house.
    He is not stupid, he wouldn't build a computer out of wood without making it safe for use.

    Here's what he replied to a youtube comment asking him about the heat;
    "the motherboard is on risers as the same as a normal PC. The PC breathes as any other pc does. The temps of the PC are the same as others with the same hardware specs."

    In other words – Don't worry guys!

    I, myself, am going to try get a hold of this PC. x)

    • Trolldad

      You could have just replied to neos,
      there is a "reply" button for that

  • Amazing ! A perfect work


    That's a good way to burn out a motherboard. Though there is good news: It won't burn your house down. Your board melts at a lower temperature than wood burns.

  • The_Doctor1

    If I am not mistaken, this case mod will be on display in BYOC at PAX East this year. He posted it in the forums. http://forums.penny-arcade.com/discussion/152438/