Zelda 25th Anniversary T-shirt Contest

The contest ended just two weeks ago and after reading through all of the entries we are excited to present the winner of our 25th Anniversary T-Shirt contest!

To win this limited edition 25th Anniversary T-Shirt we asked that you submit some sort of creative work expressing just what the 25th anniversary of Zelda meant to you.

The entries were judged by a panel of judges from Zelda Universe and The King of Games (both US and Kyoto) based on quality and creativity.  We couldn’t have imagined the quality of entries that would be submitted. We offer a congratulations to everyone who entered for such fantastic entries.

That being said, hit the jump for the three runners up and the grand prize winner!

Runner Up #3

Name: Alex W.


Runner Up #2

Name: Alex C.



Runner Up #1

Name: Lauri K.


Grand Prize Winner

Name: Nathaniel Kaufman

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Thanks for entering!

Thank you to all who entered our contest! And a huge thanks to The King of Games for providing the limited edition t-shirt! We had so many fantastic entries, it was a joy to judge!