Zelda 25th Anniversary T-shirt Contest

The contest ended just two weeks ago and after reading through all of the entries we are excited to present the winner of our 25th Anniversary T-Shirt contest!

To win this limited edition 25th Anniversary T-Shirt we asked that you submit some sort of creative work expressing just what the 25th anniversary of Zelda meant to you.

The entries were judged by a panel of judges from Zelda Universe and The King of Games (both US and Kyoto) based on quality and creativity.  We couldn’t have imagined the quality of entries that would be submitted. We offer a congratulations to everyone who entered for such fantastic entries.

That being said, hit the jump for the three runners up and the grand prize winner!

Runner Up #3

Name: Alex W.


Runner Up #2

Name: Alex C.



Runner Up #1

Name: Lauri K.


Grand Prize Winner

Name: Nathaniel Kaufman

Link Cookies


Thanks for entering!

Thank you to all who entered our contest! And a huge thanks to The King of Games for providing the limited edition t-shirt! We had so many fantastic entries, it was a joy to judge!

  • Hylian_Knight

    Congrazzle dazzle!

  • Midna Fan

    Does anybody else here feel like that Runner Up #2 should have won?

  • Link and Cuccos

    The way Runner Up #2 did the art showing a visual representation of the timeline and how it splits 3 different ways is amazing and creative! Great work of art!

  • Sakume

    Cookies… huh.

  • MajorlinkMask

    Whaaaat cookiies?? did anyone see my video?!?!

    • Shaelyn

      link it? I'd like to see it.

      • X_factor

        I second that motion 🙂

  • Bryan

    Interesting…. cookies. Definitely unique, but not sure it's a 1st place winner. I guess I thought my picture taken 25 years ago next to my Nintendo and a 4 inch TV was a winner.

  • Karadom

    Alright then, let's see you make that.

  • Shaelyn

    huh…I thought the contest ended on 2/13, which would have made the contest end 2 weeks ago. I thought this would've been up on the 20th.
    I do think runner up #2 should have won out of these.

    on the original article, Ella had commented asking what text entries were submitted after the deadline had closed. I didn't want to reveal until after the winners had been announced, but this was my entry:

    first, the accompanying photo that my boyfriend took of me (it was FREEZING that morning!): http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i135/Shaelynesc

    The Zelda 25th anniversary means a lifetime of getting lost in an adventure. It has been 25 years of teleporting from daily life into a world in distress, in need of a hero. When I pick up the controller, I can experience this world through the eyes of a hero, and his story becomes a part of mine.
    More than just the personal adventure, though, last year marked 25 years of bonding with other players that have also seen the world of Hyrule through Link's eyes. Throughout my childhood, I helped my brother solve puzzles in the early games, and I also helped my friend that lived across the street when we both got a copy of Link's Awakening. I have met many friends by simply wearing a Zelda shirt at the mall, or by hearing someone humming Saria's theme in the halls at college. I've met others at the symphony in Dallas last month, including an ocarina player and a cellist I had been following on YouTube, each for their covers of Zelda music. However, the biggest example of the bond was when my boyfriend reintroduced me to Zelda through Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask several years ago. We have spent a great deal of time over the course of our relationship playing through the series, reminiscing over our favorites, and arguing over the various timeline theories from across the web. The end of February marks eight years of spending our lives together, and the Zelda series has been an integral part of it all. He's been dropping subtle hints of a Zelda-themed engagement ring, and I've been dropping not-so-subtle hints of a Zelda-themed wedding. We'll see what the future brings, but you can bet Zelda will be a part of it.

  • Sakume

    Very nice Shaelyn! :> I'm sure everyone who entered thought theirs was a winner, but since we didn't get the chance to share, here's mine-

    I wrote about how OoT has always been inspiring to me because of my brother and I bonding over it. It's rather long so I'll just leave it at that for now.

    • Shaelyn

      oh wow. that's a pretty phenomenal entry. I'm really curious by the other entries people made, so if you posted up the other part of your entry, I'd read it.
      I actually really didn't think mine was a winner, but taking the theme of the contest into account, I thought it would've done better than it seemed to have. but I feel like a lot of people here that entered likewise should have done better.

    • Bryan

      That rug is awesome. There must have been something about those cookies. I will try to post a link of my picture. Seriously 25 years old. I liked it.

  • Wow! Very cool. Congrats to the other winners! (From Alex W.)

    • X_factor

      Great video! Very funny XD

  • X_factor

    Give him SOME credit… I can barely draw the Triforce some-what proportionally 🙁

    • Zelda3607

      practice drawing. 🙂 I've been drawing over half my life and the experience pays off

  • Andrea

    Very nice picture, #2! I would say you are the winner.

  • achoo

    Ohman that Triforce clock looks amazing! Congrats to the other winners though! (-Alex C.)
    (and thanks for the nice comments, haha!) (and the other mean one) (I guess) (lol)

  • realar

    Wow, those entries look amazing! I’m the one who made the cookies. With my entry I included a mini guide to making them; they’re actually pixilated. Look for me through the forum if you’re curious and want to see the full entry. Congrats to everyone else – I’m incredibly proud to be in such talented company. -Nathaniel

  • Awesomness

    Um… not to be rude, but seriously?! The second should have been the first place winner! I can make a much better Zelda-themed clock than that in an hour or two!

    • Shaelyn

      well, then maybe you should. I'm sure you'd impress a lot of people here.

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