In this comic we revisit that creepy place, the Skulltula House… only to find it made all the more creepy…

Source: Dorkly


  • Poor traumatized Link…

  • Witchking

    That was horrendously funny… in a weird… wtf kinda way.

  • stringframe

    well… at least he helped them

  • lol Weirdness.

  • prada

    that is cute! lol

  • Hylian_Knight


  • Zelda3607

    Link "Don't worry I'll have it done in a couple minutes.
    Skultula guy "Really?"
    *Link takes gasoline bottle and sets the house on fire traumatized shivering*
    "My deed is done…If only there was a way to save them without killing them…"

    • NerdSlayer

      good god, you're a loser virgin bastard

  • Ashmic

    that is me hahahaaha who didn't want to do that? They're scarier than shit
    the link at the bottom is adorable 😀

  • ijuin

    Being put out of their misery might actually be more merciful than letting them remain as spider-monsters . . .

  • Rakshael

    F is for FIRE, burning up the whole town!
    U is for Ultimate destruction!
    N is for NO SURVIVORS

    And that's what fun stands for 😀

    • Unknown

      U's for Uranium…BOMBS! I don't know if you could find Uranium in Hyrule, but than again, Link did find some gasoline.

      • Rakshael

        Whoops, haha, you're right, U is for Uranium XD

        And btw, I'm almost 100% positive that some of those treasures is Skyward Sword were radioactive. Perhaps the Scrap Shop guy could put a mini tactical nuke together for me! 8D

  • X_factor

    So Link really set the village on fire! How did I miss that? 😉


    I used to be really scared of that house when I was little… Still kind of am today…

  • tomfewchuk

    true story..

  • bookie

    OOT really did have more than a few scary/creepy things going on. The one that got me the first time was when the zombie people look at you and it makes that horrible screaming sound and you can’t move while they slowly move towards you.

  • Ooh… Atleast he help him to get out of his pain…. I love it :)) +1 from me…

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