Zelda News

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s another- Wait. It’s Thursday? Oh, dear.

Looks like I forgot to post about the Zelda News video yesterday. Sorry guys, I stayed up way past my bedtime to watch the Japanese, then European, then US versions of Nintendo Direct, just in case they announced any awesome Zelda news.  And they sort of did.

I digress.

In this week’s episode of Zelda News we cover possible unannounced Wii U features revealed by the Wii U patent, the origin of the Gossip Stones and why Miyamoto doesn’t want you looking for hints online, the fact that Miyamoto says he played a harder Skyward Sword than you did, and much more!

View the video after the jump!


  • Linky-pea

    I'm looking forward to playing the new wii u zelda but it looks like it would cost quite a lot.. awah heck i don't care how much its all gunna be i'll sell my soul if i have to!

  • Rpsgoron

    Honestly im willing to buy a wii-u just for zelda idk why although ill stick to pc gaming just for overall. I bought a wii for skyward sword and i guess i have to do it for the wii-u plus i need it for my collection, and yes my collection has cd-i

    • prada

      That is pretty much the only reason to buy a wii. well at least that's my reason for having a wii…

      • Shishimaru

        What about Metroid Prime 3 and Super Smash Bros. Brawl?
        Of course, SSBB is only fun if you have people to play with.
        Playing it alone would suck…

  • $$$

    As long as the Zelda games contain Link and a pretty hot princess girl with blond hair and white skin, blue eyes like in Wind Waker and Skyward Sword then I will like it. I also liked Ganondorf and Ghirahim as the coolest looking villains.

  • Applegreen92

    You look so much like Thom Yorke!