Feeling hungry yet? The fans have whipped up this marvelous Zelda cake. It so perfect, it almost looks like fondant (marshmallow “shell”). It is not made of fondant, however, but of regular icing. It depicts a Hylian shield featuring Navi and hearts on the side.

Hit jump for more pictures!

Source: m0nyart

  • Ashmic

    thats what fondant is? marshmallow? nasty
    looks good tho,

  • The10thRider

    My younger sister (4 at the time) had a birthday cake with a chocolate Toon Link on it, I'll have to post a picture.



  • Twilight Sparkle

    Outdated meme incoming!

    (The cake is a lie!)

    Dashie, you must send me this cake!

  • Cal

    I had a cake too with Toon Link (Wind Waker). This one I made the Link wear cap and gown because it was my graduation.

  • prada

    Omg that cake would have even more amazing if they would have cut out the shield, its too awesome to be ingested! :O

    • Pharamos

      It would probably cause tummy aches.

  • Navi

    it would be so much better if it said: Hey!! Listen!! Happy Birthday!!

  • Pia Roup

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