Not a bad way to spend a snow day

The Kikwi:  they’re the adorable forest creatures that Link encounters in Skyward Sword, all led by their enormous leader, Bucha.  Some avid fans decided to spend their snow day making a snowman, but, rather than the traditional Frosty, decided to create the Kikwi leader!  The group had originally intended to sculpt a normal snowman, but after creating a huge snowball to be the foundation, realized that they couldn’t possible lift another large snowball on top of it.  So, in keeping with their running joke that “Link’s not really doing this all for Zelda, but rather for this gargantuan beast, the love of his life,” they brought Bucha to life.  Hit the jump to see more pictures of how he came to be, and what the creators have to say about it.

Bucha's nearly come to life

Bucha is almost manifest

One week later

The melty-man cometh

“If i do say so myself, he is pretty huge, hes there staring at the house from the garden, night and day, for a week hes still standing tall, the same size Kew-kewww!” – the builders

If you want to see more interesting bits like this, head on over to vandtree’s Tumblr and see what you can find.  This snow-Bucha isn’t the only Zelda creation they’ve made, after all.  Have you ever made any unique Zelda creations like this before?

Source:  Tumblr