IGN has an article on how to make the best Zelda game ever. Basing their ideas on the best parts of the series, the article goes fairly in depth and explanatory.

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Jeffrey Matulef, a staff writer at IGN, is a huge fan of the Zelda franchise. Having no favorite game, he writes on what he thinks of the series’ past and what Nintendo can do to move the series forward. Most games in the past have their own special thing that set them apart, making them each fun and a great experience. Even so, there are some things have gotten away from that past and need to be refocused. Here’s what he says the series needs:

A Speedier, More Exciting Tutorial

Matulef feels that the beginnings have started to take way to long and need to be quick and exciting, much like the quick start in A Link to the Past.

Stop “Metroiding” Link

“We all know Link will get bombs, a boomerang, and a bow and arrow.” He feels this needs to be shortened, like getting most equipment in Majora’s Mask.

Hide Tools OUTSIDE of Dungeons

Link has too many dungeon items according to Matulef. In each dungeon there is an item to be found which is to be used in the boss battle of that dungeon. Instead, the game should have items outside dungeons, like Majora’s Mask.

A Dynamic Overworld

Matulef states that the overworlds are tending to get rather stale. Skyloft was not the great overworld we thought it would be. The Wind Waker addressed this issue with its large overworld and many effects on the sea.

Optional Hand-Holding

Matulef points out that the original Zelda games had little instruction to go by. The Legend of Zelda started off with a sword and an old man saying “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this.” The handholding in the recent games is taking a step away from its roots, though Ocarina of Time 3D did well with its optional Gossip Stones.

Player Choice

The Zelda series has only one ending per game (even with a second quest). This fact is great, though he feels there needs to be more options to choose from as the game progresses.

Deeper Pockets

He says Link needs to hold more money so that he doesn’t end up wasting all the precious rupees he finds on his journey, but can’t pick up.

Enough Music Lessons!

While the ideas were neat, Matulef says that the songs were starting to be a pain, and start wearing out in the game. He likess Twilight Princess and its basic idea of having musical plants spread about Hyrule ready to be played when needed.

A Customizable Map

Matulef wants Nintendo to bring back many people’s favorite part of the Zelda DS games, the cutsomizable map.

A Larger Role for Zelda

Matulef says that Zelda should be more than a damsel distress, especially in a time when women are usually more than just housewives. She should take a much more active role in her games.

No More Redundant Explanations

He says Link shouldn’t need to be told again what he just heard.

Things I Haven’t Thought of Yet

He feels like the Zelda world is still expanding and there are great things which can be done with the series.


Zelda is a great series, and Matulef raises some great points. He has pointed out successes in the past and things that Nintendo should go for in the future with Zelda games. With a great series and its many successes, Matulef is right in thinking that Nintendo can take Zelda to higher heights.

What do you think about his points, and what he thinks about future Zelda? Leave a comment with your opinions on what Nintendo can do!

Source: IGN