IGN has an article on how to make the best Zelda game ever. Basing their ideas on the best parts of the series, the article goes fairly in depth and explanatory.

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Jeffrey Matulef, a staff writer at IGN, is a huge fan of the Zelda franchise. Having no favorite game, he writes on what he thinks of the series’ past and what Nintendo can do to move the series forward. Most games in the past have their own special thing that set them apart, making them each fun and a great experience. Even so, there are some things have gotten away from that past and need to be refocused. Here’s what he says the series needs:

A Speedier, More Exciting Tutorial

Matulef feels that the beginnings have started to take way to long and need to be quick and exciting, much like the quick start in A Link to the Past.

Stop “Metroiding” Link

“We all know Link will get bombs, a boomerang, and a bow and arrow.” He feels this needs to be shortened, like getting most equipment in Majora’s Mask.

Hide Tools OUTSIDE of Dungeons

Link has too many dungeon items according to Matulef. In each dungeon there is an item to be found which is to be used in the boss battle of that dungeon. Instead, the game should have items outside dungeons, like Majora’s Mask.

A Dynamic Overworld

Matulef states that the overworlds are tending to get rather stale. Skyloft was not the great overworld we thought it would be. The Wind Waker addressed this issue with its large overworld and many effects on the sea.

Optional Hand-Holding

Matulef points out that the original Zelda games had little instruction to go by. The Legend of Zelda started off with a sword and an old man saying “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this.” The handholding in the recent games is taking a step away from its roots, though Ocarina of Time 3D did well with its optional Gossip Stones.

Player Choice

The Zelda series has only one ending per game (even with a second quest). This fact is great, though he feels there needs to be more options to choose from as the game progresses.

Deeper Pockets

He says Link needs to hold more money so that he doesn’t end up wasting all the precious rupees he finds on his journey, but can’t pick up.

Enough Music Lessons!

While the ideas were neat, Matulef says that the songs were starting to be a pain, and start wearing out in the game. He likess Twilight Princess and its basic idea of having musical plants spread about Hyrule ready to be played when needed.

A Customizable Map

Matulef wants Nintendo to bring back many people’s favorite part of the Zelda DS games, the cutsomizable map.

A Larger Role for Zelda

Matulef says that Zelda should be more than a damsel distress, especially in a time when women are usually more than just housewives. She should take a much more active role in her games.

No More Redundant Explanations

He says Link shouldn’t need to be told again what he just heard.

Things I Haven’t Thought of Yet

He feels like the Zelda world is still expanding and there are great things which can be done with the series.


Zelda is a great series, and Matulef raises some great points. He has pointed out successes in the past and things that Nintendo should go for in the future with Zelda games. With a great series and its many successes, Matulef is right in thinking that Nintendo can take Zelda to higher heights.

What do you think about his points, and what he thinks about future Zelda? Leave a comment with your opinions on what Nintendo can do!

Source: IGN

  • Siaarn

    I agree with all of these. On the "deeper pockets" thing, I thought Twilight Princess was good in that if you had a full wallet, you couldn't take rupees from chests with you, so they were never wasted, I was a bit disappointed when they left that out of Skyward Sword.

    • HyruleWeirdo

      I just found it annoying having chests that I couldn't collect the contents from.

    • Rakshael

      Oh no, I hated that function. When you're a scrimping, saving, potion-neglecting, rupee miser like me, and it turns out you have 901 rupees, so that entire puzzle, minidungeon, or cave you went through was a total waste because you can't bring it with you, it stinks. I was happy in SS, cause I only ever wasted one 20 rupee chest 😀

      • Siaarn

        Oh, I totally forgot that if you were only one rupee off it would stop you from taking the rupees from the chest, THAT was annoying XD; They could've improved on that a little, but it was helpful when my wallet was completely full, at least.

        • Ataso

          Could of just added a "Your wallet is full, take them anyways?" option.

  • veeronic

    9900 ruppees, the pockets are deep enough.

  • HyruleWeirdo

    "Skyloft was not the great overworld we thought it would be."
    It wasn't supposed to be an overworld.

    "there needs to be more options to choose from as the game progresses."
    At the same time, LoZ isn't an RPG.

    "Deeper Pockets"
    Or, you know, just have a lesser number of rupees scattered about.

    "Enough Music Lessons"
    The idea that they are music lessons is insulting.

    "A Larger Role for Zelda"
    Her role was pretty substantial in the last two games.

    Other than that, I agree.

    • veeronic

      I believe he was trying to make the point that the sky was hugely dissapointing.

    • i agree as well but also the customizable map for the DS was only because you could actually write, imagine trying to write with the wii remote, that would be very difficult in my opinion.

      • HyruleWeirdo

        And in Skyward Sword, there were the beacons. The main problem with them (especially at first) was that they were extremely limited in number.

  • Patrick

    They should have like a completely new Link (as always) but be stumbles upon a shrine where he finds Zelda and she is playing her Ocarina then they go back in time to the first Zelda game in the timeline, which is probably Skyward Sword then proceeding through the timeline, because there is a disturbance. They should have that Link from the future, then the Link of that part in the time line, so that it is sorta like Sonic Generations.

  • Majora2

    I agree we need a game if Classic,Toon and TP Link together and the dungeons are ones form past games….for Example Forest Temple and Death Mountain from Orcinea of Time and Zelda 2

    • HyruleWeirdo

      That sounds inventive.

      That was sarcasm, by the way.

  • Petter

    "A Speedier, More Exciting Tutorial"
    I like them to be longer!
    The story have to be developed in it's right pace, not just seconds and then action…
    I like to play through a bit more of the "everyday life" of Link before starting out on the action 🙂

    • cloverplayer

      Didn't you love Skyward Sword's beginning? I did.

  • BandoGuy4

    This might just be me, but I feel many of his comments make it seem like he hasn't actually played Skyward Sword yet, as it addressed many of his concerns.

    • Ataso

      Have you played Skyward Sword yet? Most of his concerns where in Skyward Sword in one way or another.

      I lost over near a thousand rupees do to opening chests because I had a full wallet.

      The hard was a music lesson that taught you basic rhythm.

      Fi was constantly spitting out the same information over and over again.

      The beginning of Skyward Sword took forever to get through, and compared to previous
      games there was a lot of hand holding (dowsing?) (80% chance you have to hit him here?).

      Not to mention the Sky was pretty much void of any real life.

      • For me the most annoying thing about skyward sword was that the people repeated the same things over and over when you bought stuff.
        Yes I know they do that in every zelda game but in Skyward Sword they just seem to say more after you buy something than in other zelda games

      • Vinylzen

        Agreed. In addition to the rupee criticism, it's worth noting that was hardly anything in Skyward Sword that really made rupees worthwhile collecting. Like, 4 super pricey items in Beedles shop isn't enough to save this.

        And yes finally someone agrees how lifeless and undynamic the sky was.

  • Tyler

    I agree about the Skyloft thing it was very disappointing and the bird riding I think was more boring than Wind Waker's boat. It was boring and there were very few islands to go to.

  • X_factor

    We're all just waiting for that perfect Zelda where Nintendo hits it just right to blow our minds into outer space…. Just wait 😉

  • Alir

    i think he want zelda to be a whole new game.
    why can´t he just play an RPG and stop expecting this things for this perfects games

    • HyruleWeirdo

      Zelda is by no means perfect. It's brilliant, but you can't call any of the games perfect.

  • punisher_skull1

    He is right in all of the "points" he stated there, i really agree because the gameplay of the Skyward wasn't that great but the history was great , i really enjoyed the history of the game but playing the game was pain and im obsessed with zelda series

  • Vinylzen

    Man it seems like this article is subtly raving about classics like alttp, wind waker and majoras mask while bashing on Skyward Sword…

    and i'm honestly totally okay with this.