Spoiled!, a group of three people, discussed Skyward Sword in full detail on top of a roof. The group discusses all kinds of video games and picks the most interesting topics from the game and is hosted by Bryan Vore, Kyle Hilliard, and Tim Turi from GameInformer.

The video as it contains massive spoilers. You are warned.

What do you guys think? Did they bring up some good points? Let us know in the comments.

Sources: GameInformer (via GoNintendo)
  • steven

    Are we supposed to believe that they played the game through when they continually talk about Demise being Ganon or possibly Groose becoming him? And Ganon's only the final boss half the time.

    • heroofmasks

      yea they cant have played one ganons not even in this game this game takes places more than 100 years before oot so ganons not born yet and also demises hatred turns into ganondorf and grosse is accually good they should really play the game

    • Mack

      Well yea, they seemed to have a very good grasp on the other parts of the game…. I actually had the same theory about Groose, If Groose became Ganondorf there would be a reason why Link, Zelda and Ganon were so connected. Obviously they didn't know that Ganondorf is the reincarnation of Demise, but that's probably something that they just missed…

  • Mermuffie

    my theory is that groose wasnt going to become ganondorf, but he started the idea of the sages. Because his big character change in the story was that he realized that he wasnt going to be the big hero and stayed behind to protect the temple, which is kinda the grace of the sages that he may have started

  • X_factor

    Theory: The final battle with Demise may not have been part of the main world and thus not accountable for time. My assumption is that the final battle scene has something to do with the Sacred Realm (possibly synonymous with the Silent Realm) which has a different flow of time. This would (at least partially) explain why the present remains unaffected right before the most EPIC battle ever fought at the end of the game.

    BUT, I am still stuck on how after defeating Demise in the past doesn't render the entire game meaningless in the future… If Link had returned Demise back into the seal of the Sacred Grounds then the question would be answered since the game would then repeat itself. But it is obvious that Demise is sealed within the Master Sword for eternity, and is NOT released anywhere.

    My head hurts 🙁

    • X_factor

      I repeat: EPIC battle!!!

  • HyruleWeirdo


  • HyruleWeirdo

    Also, I thought the final battle was awesome.

  • Gerudude

    They keep calling Demise Ganon.
    Demise is NOT Ganon.

    whooops…somebody already said that.

  • brian torres

    Well skyward sword timeline was BEFORE OOT so Ganondorf wasent born yet or the seal dident break So you have to watch out for the timeline