Can you read it?

Cracked recently posted a list of 6 Pop Culture Mysteries That Were Solved by Fans, and coming in at number four is Zelda Universe forum member Sarinilli having cracked Skyward Sword’s alphabet and turned it into a font.

For those unfamiliar with the story, fans ran into a snag and were unable to break the code. And then Hyrule Historia made the prospect seem even more daunting with its cryptic passage about this version of the Hyrule language: “Since they’re so ancient, they can not be deciphered.”

However Sarinilli discovered the answer was right in front of our faces: a sign in the Lanayru Province is simply the alphabet A-Z formatted slightly strangely to put off obvious detection.

Fans have since translated instances of this newest Hylian to read signs and such around the land, only to find out that they read as: “You can read this” and other such obvious statements.

So congrats to Sarinilli for being mentioned on Cracked, and thanks again for cracking that alphabet for us!

Source: Cracked