In Skyward Sword there are Gossip Stones littered around the infant world of Hyrule. They tend to be buried in the ground and will come out once you play a “soothing” melody with the harp, showing you how to get through certain areas in the game.

Have you ever wondered why this feature was included in Skyward Sword and not any games before it?

Miyamoto explains that it all has to do with keeping you away from the internet.

“Back in those days, the ways in which we could entertain people in the videogame world were rather limited. And because of that, [having the gamers] find out any and all the solutions themselves was one of the most important elements. Today, there are many, many ways to entertain people in one single video game. And the Internet has made it so easy for people to ask for clues. We are mindful of that changing circumstance. Whenever we are making the game, we are making it for those who really need and want to know about a solution or a hint. But there are those who do not want to ask for those kind of hints. They really want to solve any riddles or challenges for himself, for herself. We are mindful of both of these types of people whenever we are making these games today.”

This has been true of the more recent Mario games and even Donkey Kong Country Returns, a game that is brutally difficult to beat and difficult to master. They include the hints and tips in the game as well as an option to automatically beat the level if you are having extreme difficulties.

It is really interesting to see that they took this into consideration in the Skyward Sword, however to a much lesser extent. It’s a classic Miyamoto move to want to include something like a help system, but within the in-game lore. Did you have to use the Gossip Stone in Skyloft to help you out of a tough spot? For those who didn’t do you find this feature annoying? Let us know!

Source: Spinuzzi