Worst ever.

Greetings, Zelda Universe! You probably don’t know me. In fact, I’m sure you don’t. I’m Xizor, and while I’ve been a member here since December of 2003, I’ve posted an imperious 46 posts. Yes. Do not get overwhelmed by how impressed you are.

Anyway, I have been for many years involved in what was Legend of Zelda.com and what became Xero Gaming. However, this first posting will coincide with the closure of Xero Gaming. I am also an active Bureaucrat over at the amazing Zelda Wiki. I had not planned to become a part of Zelda Universe’s team, but sometimes you have to take what people hand you.

Well, to get to the actual part of this you care about, here we go. Every week, I will be searching the forums high and low to find simply the best (or not) threads to feature here on the front page. I call this: Featured Forum Thread. This week’s feature is….

“Just what is so good about Majora’s Mask?” – Started by Zayzie

The thread posits a pertinent and valid question: just what makes people think that Majora’s Mask is the greatest of the Zelda games? A valid question indeed! I myself am not sure, because I have never played. From what everyone gushes, it’s supposedly the reinvention of the Zelda wheel, but I somehow find the idea that a grandiose side quest is the best of the series to be offensive. It simply desecrates the holy ground upon which sits A Link to the Past, the indisputable champion of what makes the greatest Zelda game so great.

So what do you think? Do you think Majora’s Mask gets too much credit? Or perhaps you think that anyone who dares speak out against it is a Zelda heretic? Give your opinion in the thread itself and see what everyone’s buzzing about!

  • lol.. i thought it was OoT, not MM, that you can't speak out about.
    in fact, MM is still one of the worst-selling Zeldas.
    there are plenty of great things about MM.. 3-day time cycle, becoming a zora, goron, or deku, strange and challenging temples, a more somber tone, and the threat of the moon always hanging up there. i can see why some might like the more epic quest games, but i prefer MM for all the reasons many people hate it.

  • Siaarn

    It's my favourite game, and I think it's the eerie atmosphere, the music, and all the fun sidequests(I love me some sidequests). The sense of imminent doom is something I haven't felt in any other Zelda games, many times I did experience the end of the world in Majora's Mask, that never happens in other games, you always know that you'll eventually save the world and you have plenty of time to do it. Also, I really fucking love masks, the annonimity of them, I've always loved them. I feel that it was the best Zelda game, but that's just based on my preferences. OoT will always be the popular one, because it was damn awesome, too.

    The increase in popularity for Majora's Mask can probably blamed on the whole Ben thing, because as far as I remember, Majora's Mask was one of the less popular Zelda games for many many years, now suddenly everyone loves it, maybe they just didn't want to admit it before.

  • Hylian_Knight

    I'm probably going to be eaten alive for saying this but honestly I think the reason MM is so popular right now is because it was the least popular before. It's like a cycle of rebellion. It came out and everyone BAWWW'D because it didn't feel classic or it was too this or not enough that and it showed in the sales. Then OoT got too mainstream and it was too ''cliche''' to say you liked it or people got bored of so much OoT everywhere and so they jumped on the MM wagon. I have never seen so much talk about MM being the greatest Zelda game in the world before the last year maybe. I mean if it was really THE greatest game of the franchise the sales wouldn't have bombed as bad as they did in comparison to OoT. Now I'm not saying that this is the case for EVERYone, but I see this happen a lot. I remember when everyone was like 'POKEMON SUCKS SO MUCH GRRRR!!!!' When it was on TV, all over the stores, making tons of movies and pretty much all the rage. Now 'POKEMON IS THE SHIZZLE!!!111' oddly enough now that it's not around as much in the mainstream. Personally the only thing I liked about MM was: Becoming different races, being able to re-fight bosses (Which thrilled me when they put that in SS and OoT3D ) a couple of the side quests, the fact that the classic field music was put back in, Link's cool new flips, the design of the Majora mask, the introduction of Tingle and the fact that you could use your GBA with the game which was pretty swiffy and the music is usually always my favorite in the games and this was no exception. Other then that, I really didn't care for it, then again..I didn't like what most people like about the game. I didn't like the 3 day time cycle at all for one, I didn't like seeing the same characters as OoT only 'different' and I didn't really like the story or the final battle. Maybe I'm just the odd ball out of the fandom. D: I'm prepared for the consequences. T^T

    • Siaarn

      I liked MM before it was cool. *Adjusts glasses*

    • Xizor

      Ocarina of Time came first, but it's an interesting theory. I think fandoms are indeed generally very fickle. So it would not be surprising if what you said is the case. You should share your thoughts at the forum in the thread itself!

      • Hylian_Knight

        I know OoT came first and it was loved by everyone and majora's mask wasn't as loved and now it's reversed because OoT is just too mainstream. *Wiggles brows* Maybe I will. ; D

        • Xizor

          Oh I get it, I read that wrong hahaha.

    • Fizz

      This is actually remarkably accurate, as far as I can tell. Majora's Mask was not popular for a long time. Where did all the fans suddenly come from? I loved it when it came out, but at the same time I won't deny it has some obvious flaws, like only four dungeons and a lot of reused material from Ocarina.

      I'm ahead of the hipster curve as usual though, as I'll be banging the drum of the classic 2D games like ALttP and LA well before any of the 3D adventures, as much as I enjoy both styles.

  • Professor The Vile

    Xero Gaming is closed? That's too bad.. I guess the community was dwindling by the time I got there. Still, quite a shame.

    • Xizor

      Yeah…I'm sorry you didn't get to stay longer. What was your username there, if you registered?

      • Professor The Vile

        I was The Hero of Pie.

        • Xizor

          Glad to see you here. Hopefully I'll see you around the ZU forums. Feel free to add me as a buddy. 🙂

  • Fizz

    Lets put it this way… Majora's Mask is a fantastic game, and I played it to 100% once it twigged with me.

    But I don't feel the urge to replay it, aside from maybe messing around with a completed game. The thought of doing all those side quests again just seems like a chore.

    ALttP on the other hand, I could replay until I die. Absolutely no part of that game feels like "filler". Its just battles, exploring, puzzles and dungeons in a perfect mix.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    To me, Majora's Mask has always been and still is, the best Zelda game created.

    One reason is that it did something different from previous titles, it kept the series fresh, it pushed forward in new ideas that kept a good sense of new material in the series without deviating from the Zelda formula. There are so many Zelda games that take place in Hyrule, it's nice to have one that introduces a brand new world with a new story.

    Another reason is the difficulty, it has to be the hardest 3D Zelda game, but it wasn't too hard where it was frustrating or that it put people off, it was a good challenge and it made me feel like I had actually accomplished something when I defeated a boss or whatever.

    The sidequests are easily the best in the series, and there's a good amount, and you get rewarded with things all the time, like a new mask, increased abilities/defense, great fairy sword, gilded sword, etc. The fact they were fun, well put together, some complex, gave you nice rewards, and were given a sense of reality by the time system(takes a few days to make a new sword) made them an integral and fun part of the story, the overworld and the game itself

    The dungeons were great! They actually provided a good challenge which is linked to the difficulty in a way, but I felt they were rather cleverly designed like the Snowhead Temple's massive destroyable column and the Great Bay Temples gyro center that pumps water into certain passageways, and ESPECIALLY the Stone Tower Temple, you flip it upside down! And it provided the most challenge of any dungeon I've ever played in the series

    Another reason is the masks, they were incredibly fun to collect, each one had a unique trait or ability as I recall, and sometimes they made things easier, like the Stone's Mask making you invisible in the Pirate Fortress, or the Fierce Deity Mask(Just pure awesomeness), and you can collect them in just about any order allowing each replay to have some more freedom, in short, the collectables were great

    The story was a great change of pace, an alternate dimension with a doomed world, it also managed to be dark and very mysterious(parts you had to read into rather than just being told, like the comparison of Stone Tower to the Tower of Bable), the best part about it, was that just about every person you meet, certainly every person in Clocktown, reacted to the changing environment, everyone had their own story, the characters felt real, the implementation of the 3 day cycled breathed life into the worlds characters unlike any other Zelda game, everyone had a schedule and things to do, depending on whether you helped a person or not, what they do changes, they could fall further into despair or be "saved", you also had to fail helping some people to get certain masks IIRC, fact is, I can remember a whole ton of characters from Majora's Mask, they were very memorable and so were their stories, whereas from say OOT all I can recall are…. Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, Saria…… Malon……… and that's about it, besides the big 3, the others really didn't have a story

    Hell, even the fairy in MM had a personality, and an interesting one too that goes through character development, whereas Navi……. meh

    Perhaps this is linked to the story as well, but I loved the overworld, it was very big despite only having 4 themed regions, and the regions didn't follow the typical cliche of forest fire and desert, it had a swamp, a snowy mountain, an ocean, and the last one I don't think I can even put a cliche on, and those are just the main 4 regions, there's other places like the ranch and pirate fortress

    I don't understand anyone who could hate this game and I pity anyone who hasn't played it, the ONLY thing I disliked was the saving system and I didn't think it was that big of a deal, it's an amazing game, and I love the recent recognition it's getting, winning best game of the decade on GFaqs and having a large movement for Operation Moonfall

    I also urge people to read some of the posts on the forums, there are no doubt some points about this game that make it great that I missed

    • Banooru

      Ditto. Everything I would say and more. I like what you say about Tatl. To me, her development seems to be similar to Midna's (only Midna's is more threshed out). Midna is my favorite Zelda companion, but Tatl compliments MM so well.

    • Vinylzen

      I wanna give this so many thumbs up. A 100 if possible. I applaud you sir.

  • Zelda3607

    Please dont kill me MM fans! I dont really like MM and is my least favorite Zelda at the moment because the 3 day think sucks and Navi isn't found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is my favorite side kick for Link beating all the others by a long shot! I haven't played MM for 8 ears at the least (i have a foggy memory at this point. MM sucking percentage for me: 79%

  • Zelda3607

    o crap I meant 8 years not ears…..

    • Hylian_Knight

      I never thought I'd hear the phrase "Navi is my favorite sidekick." XD

  • Riix

    well first of all im a fan of zelda since i played link to the past and my favorite game has always been OOT thats doeasnt mean that i dont like it, i have to say that MM gives a twist to any story of legend of zelda and i think the remarcable points that make it so cool are Music, most of the music have a subliminal message that says remember, me remberme, Colorfull panorama, NPC'c story you can see, feel and live most of the characters of the game and finally the fact that MM was a whole sidequest of one of the many times of ocarina of time you can play it after OOT and still think on the main story of OOt after the ending link gets its way into the search of his friend.

  • lz aey

    sadly ive never played MM 🙁

  • cloverplayer

    Two words: PLAY IT!

    • TDave

      Its a Trap!

      • TDave

        My bad i thought that read Two Worlds, worst game ever. Dont play that, do play MM

  • majorasmaskfan

    I was a fan of zelda from the original and i loced oot when it came out and then majoras mask came out and that became my faverite game of all time when it came out(still is to this day)