There’s a huge subsection of Zelda fans who like to debate just who exactly Link ends up with (romantically) in any given Zelda game. Is it the princess herself? Or Malon? Peatrice? Maybe even Groose?

ComputersAndVideoGames compiled a list–seemingly for Valentines Day–of “The 25 Greatest Nintendo Romances.” And not so surprisingly, Zelda characters were mentioned in three of those places in the list.

Whose Heart Containers made the cut?

Coming in at number six is Peatrice and Link from Skyward Sword. Yup, that’s right, their romance beat out Link and Zelda in this list. And if you’ve played the game and indulged Peatrice in her affections, maybe you can understand why.

At number 10 is Kafei and Anju from Majora’s Mask. Which is fitting as the player had to work so hard to untangle their story.

And then at number 11 is Link and Zelda from Skyward Sword. That game certainly hints at a relationship much more deep than “I’m the princess, you’re the hero, save us” for once… yet the game still leaves it up to your interpretation just how far into “romance” territory it goes.

You can check out the rest of the list here.

Were there any other Zelda romances that didn’t make the cut that you feel should have done? Let us know in the comments!

Source: ComputersAndVideoGames (via GoNintendo)

  • Feline Witch

    I would have thought Queen Ambi and the Captain in there as well. Even though he's a skeleton, they still love each other, and she built a gigantic tower so he could find his way home to her.

    Seeing them finally reunited is one of the best moments in a linked game.

  • Keimori

    Anyone Else break Peatrice's heart?

    • Bryan

      I did. And I felt absolutely terrible about it. Still not sure it was the right thing to do. Weird that I can feel that way about a video game character.

  • Jamie

    Maggie and Mo from Wind Waker!!! So precious… 🙂

    • Zxz

      Totally agree 100%….Well 99.9%. Just Kidding! 100%

    • Oh, Jamie, I think I love you. ^_____^

  • wqerty

    link and ghirahim

    • Guest


  • Link X Zelda forever! Zelink Fan!

  • @Bastian (author): You do know that the list isn't in chronological order, right? The numbers don't have anything to do with their ratings. It's cool, nonetheless, but the numbers aren't important. Just think of it as a large pool of highly worshiped Nintendo ships.

  • Me

    I couldn't bring myself to do it (even if she is just a video game character.) (sigh) I'm pathetic.

    • Tailisu10

      I did and I still felt terrible for a short while, seeing her depressed.. lol

  • : 3

    for the goddesses sake! Midna and Link!!!

  • Ashmic

    when kafei and anju stayed and waited to die, i legit cried, they should be # 1

  • DFM Marlink

    Link and Marin. The greatest romance that never was…or *was* it? 😉

    Now I need to go play Link's Awakening again.

  • Zelda3607

    Mario and Peach and Link and Zelda NEED to be at the TOP of the list thats bull crap that Peatrice and Link beats Link and Zelda and they don't even mention Mario and Peach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that makes me mad…..

  • MIDNA AND LINK!(TP) WOO! :3 and Medli with prince komali (WW) adorable :3 fairy queen and link (WW) anton and linda as well (wW) renado and telma (TP) colin and beth (TP) dancing couple (OoT) link and saria (OoT) mido and saria (OoT)

  • LoZplayer

    LINK AND PEATRICE!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED!!! Link ONLY deserves to be w/ Zelda and thats final…………. linkxzelda