Zelda fans continue to show amazing talent with creating unique Zelda craft items. This A Link to the Past rug is another example of this. Read on to find out how it was made.

Made by a user named Bunniebard over at Sprite Stitch with a time consuming technique called rug punching, this rug is colorful and well made. The creator includes a link to help you make your own if you are interested, so check out their post!

Source: Sprite Stitch

  • Mikael

    Wow. That's totally hardcore. I want that for my bathroom or something! 😀

  • Zelda3607

    that is my dream rug I <3 ALttP

  • Merq

    Nice! Looks like something I'd put up on my wall rather than walk on though. 🙂

  • pokemaniac03

    I need this so badly.