Hello, Universe! I am Rusty, here to bring you another Music Monday! Majora’s Mask brought something new, and interesting to the Zelda series. Termina was a dark world, surronded by trouble, and fascinating story and characters. The music of Majora’s Mask was superb. Up to the standard of Ocarina of Time and yet very different, and refreshing. If you haven’t guessed already, today we focus on Majora’s Mask, and of course the music from Majora’s Mask.

I have so many favourite songs from Majora’s Mask it was hard to settle on just two remixes to show you, but I can assure you here, they are fantastic. First, I have a jaw-dropping remix of the Stone Tower Temple, and last, but not least, I have another fantastic remix, this time of the Deku Palace! Hit the jump to hear both of these remixes!

I really love what the remixer did with that song. Stone Tower Temple is so depressing, and so filled with hopelessness. The remixer completely changed that, and made it upbeat and it sounds happy! The next remix I have for you is the Deku Palace! Enjoy!

The Deku Palace has always been one of my favourite songs from Majora’s Mask, but this remix just takes the cake. It’s so fun to listen to, and it’s even more upbeat than the original.