If you still do not have 3DS, now might be the best time to get one! GameStop and NewEgg are selling it for one week and one week only at this reduced price. You’ll have to read on to find out!

These two retailers are cutting prices from the recently slashed $169.99, to $149.99. Orginally, it was just GameStop, but now NewEgg got in on the deal.

Its been speculated that the price cut might have even come from the big N themselves, as they may be allowing these stores to slash their prices temporarily. With the PS Vita looming ominously overhead, perhaps Nintendo wants to lure late adopters who are not sure if they want to choose the Vita or the 3DS as their new generation handheld gaming device.

The Vita is being released Feb 22 in the US, so it might make the most sense for Nintendo to draw in some customers with nice little discount at some select stores only. Or it could be that GameStop and NewEgg are trying to make up some lost revenue, by cutting the prices and getting rid of some of their 3DS stock.

What do you guys think? Is this enough of a price slash to get you to buy one? Or are you still holding out?

Source: GoNintendo, Gamesradar