The original Pacman is a game that will never die. Making its debut back in 1980 the game was well-received by arcade gamers as they weaved their way around enemies to eat all the pellets shown on the screen, and then proceed to the next level.

If you enjoyed the game then take a look at this really cool Legend of Zelda themed Pacman. The game has the same art style as A Link to the Past and has some detailed levels from the Zelda franchise.

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Instead of pellets you collect rupees and grab a piece of heart along the way to turn those guards into slime balls.

Here’s a pic of one of the levels. Also a video below shows the game in action.

What do you think of Zelda Pacman? Do you think it would be worth playing? Do you like the design and layout of the levels? Let us know by jumping to the comments!

Source: FreeDownGames