Sheikah Hoodie Giveaway

After reading through over 674 entries, we are excited to present the winner of our Sheikah Hoodie Giveaway!

To win this fantastic “Wisdom Hoodie” and a set of  “Composers’ Notes” we asked that you answer this question: “If you could use the Composers’ Notes to play one of the magical songs from any of the Zelda games to change something in your life or the world, which song would you play and why?”

The entries were judged based on quality and creativity.  We couldn’t have imagined the quality of entries that would be submitted.

So many fantastic entries were submitted that 15 BIT GAMER generously decided that the three runners up would each receive a set of Composers’ Notes as well!

That being said, hit the jump for the three runners up and the grand prize winner!

Runner Up #3

Name: Rita Mosqueda

“I would have to choose Song of Storms. It’s the most practical. For example, you can:

-Wash the car
-Water the petunias
-Water the neighbor’s petunias
-Ward the stalkers off your lawn
-Ruin what’s-her-face’s wedding
-Ruin Justin Bieber’s concert
-Causing turbulence on a plane
-Said plane crashes into the middle of nowhere inhabited by natives
-Impress said natives with rain
-Be worshiped as storm goddess
-Become an X-Men
-Get portrayed by Halle Berry
-Become famous
-Collect all the moneys

Yeah. I really don’t see why anyone would choose any other song.”


Runner Up #2

Name: Lord Ghirahim

“I think… I would like to play the Song of Healing. There are so many broken souls and spirits in this world. Depression is a major part of a lot of people’s lives today. I just want to mend people’s hearts and help them to live and be happy again. Even if I can’t heal a person physically (I’m referring to the original song played in Majora’s Mask here) I think the Song of Healing would help heal wounds that aren’t visible from the outside. Personal grudges, sad memories, guilt from past actions, could all be healed by this song. Sometimes the most painful things in life are things we can’t control and feelings we tend to suppress. I want to change that. I want to mend hearts that can’t be healed with just a red potion or a bottled fairy.”

Runner Up #1

Name: Cassandra

“Composer’s Notes Heal the World:

To warp away or change the sky?
To summon aid or travel time?
Communicate with friends of mine?

They all seem quite appealing.

To waken or to lull to sleep?
Commanding? Light? Guidance for me?
To give a voice and rule the sea?

Or… The Song of Healing.

For many have a wounded past
Of loved ones lost. Of flags half-mast
We know that nothing’s made to last

We just wish to be stronger.

And many have a darkened heart
From families that fell apart
Or lives that felt a broken start

Must it go any longer?

The world has yet a peaceful day
because of souls who’ve lost their way
With only sad remarks to say

Or unjust acts and violence.

But if I played their souls to heal
To lift the curse and their ordeal
The world would surely start to feel

The end of woeful silence.”



Grand Prize Winner

Name: Zoofus

“The Elegy of Emptiness.

The King of Ikana says that it creates a ‘soldier who has no heart,’ a twin image of yourself, but this is not true. It shows a reflection of who you really are. When Deku Link plays the song the reflection is that of the Deku Butler’s son, for the mask contains his soul.

I would, if only for once, like to see the true me. Am I a beautiful person on the inside? Maybe this ‘heartless soldier’ takes the shape of something from a nightmare?

I wish to know how people truly see me, and I wish I could truly see myself. Just once.”

Thanks for entering!

Thank you to all who entered our giveaway! And a huge thanks to 15 BIT GAMER for providing the hoodie and the buttons! We had so many fantastic entries, it was a joy to judge. We had entries running the gambit from serious to hilarious.

How do I claim my prize?

Congratulations to the four of you who won! You can claim your prize by sending an email to bastian [at]

Where can I buy one?

Didn’t win the Wisdom Hoodie or Composers’ Notes and really want one? We don’t blame you. You can make your purchase over at 15 BIT GAMER‘s website.

  • Hyrule

    Congrats to the winners!~

  • Oh wow. This is a pleasant surprise! Congrats to everyone who won! 🙂

  • Jenna

    I was going to post a whiny comment about how I didn't win but after reading these I can honestly say their entries were superior to my own (I especially enjoyed the poem). Congrats and keep on writing – you're all quite gifted.

  • Baylee

    Rita's one was fabulous. It quite literally made my night! Congrats!

  • trinity waffles

    Congrats to everyone! They all did a wonderful job, and Zoofus's entry seemed heartfelt. Hope he/she sees the "true me".

  • Sakume

    Must admit I'm a little stunned but great job to all who won. I guess I'll have to buy one of those hoodies/notes later. :>

  • Rose

    Congrats to the winners! I thought they were amazing! Much better then mine! XD

  • matthew

    I do like Zelda but I wouldn't want one those stupid hoodies, it looks stupid and fan-made also. No thanks, I will pass!

  • To everyone who entered: OUTSTANDING job, all of you! I think it's fantastic when SO many people share a little piece of themselves out of something that they love, which, in this case, is Zelda. It's kinda cool to know that all of us were focusing and striving for the same goal at the same time.

    Basically, we're Zelda fans, so we're awesome. (;

  • They were all good, but loved Cassandra's poem. Congrats!

  • Greenwind

    A w crap…well to the Runner Ups….Congrats…and to the winner I tak e my hat off

  • James H (Triguy123)

    Congrats guys! Tunic's off to everyone!!! To the grand master, I wish you greatness with the wielding of your new Wisdom Hoodie : )

  • Drew

    I already have my own hoodie with Toon Link from Wind Waker. 🙂

  • Angelo Mota

    Congrats to the winners. I bought the hoodie and it is amazing *.*

  • vrosado6119

    She probably should have mention hitting Justin Bieber with lightning.

  • Acostar62

    oh well, congrats to the winners 🙂

  • The winner's entry is very deep, well deserving of the grand prize! Congrats to all the winners though!

  • TrustMe101

    I was upset for a bit because I had forgotten to enter… But wow. These are much better than what I would've come up with. 🙂

  • occultfan

    I'm glad the winning song chosen was the Elegy of Emptiness, and the thought put in to all of these deserves accolades. Enjoy your prizes, heroes. You've earned them!

  • Alex Claiborne

    Congrats to everyone who won. I recommend that anyone who reads this comment also looks at all the entries, as they were all good.
    P.S. Mine wasn’t as deep but it was a little kick-butt while being humorous too. Though it was kind of long. I guess I just like to ramble. Do you see a trend.