Today is the last day to grab these four games from Club Nintendo!

Majora’s Mask is included in the limited deal that ends today. So if you have the coins, head to Club Nintendo to get it before it is gone!

This month had a great selection of games available for minimal coins: Dr. Mario Online RX, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Kirby’s Dream Land, and Dr Mario Express.

Club Nintendo has monthly surprise games available to download based on member feedback, and their next surprise selection will be announced next month.  So stay tuned to Club Nintendo and get your coins ready.

Source:  Club Nintendo (via GoNintendo)

  • I already have Majora's Mask on the wii because I bought it.
    I hope there are more awesome games next month too

  • dsws

    I have all MM from the Wii Virtual Console, Gamecube Zelda Collectors Edition and the N64.

    • Prada

      seriously! me too! I wish they'd make a game as awesome and deep as MM

  • neos

    i got the game, and its great. only problem its confusing as hell

    • Jabberwuck

      I know right! But it's still amazing. At the moment I cant figure out how to get Epona out of the pen at the ranch. I am against using walkthroughs though (except for nes games cos those are impossible without one lol)

  • I created an illegal wifi access point in my dorm room to get it because Wiis are blocked from the school wireless network just so I could download this. Oh yeah, and I'm an RA.

  • Casual Vader

    Am I the only one that doesn't consider this as free since you have to buy and register games to get the coins for it?

  • trinity waffles

    I got it just for the heck of it. I won't miss out on something like this. I was never able to play Majora's Mask– until now. 🙂

  • Missy

    IT IS NOT FREE. Stop saying that this game is free. By saying this, you're giving the impression that you can log into, or create a Club Nintendo account, and download it without any type of transaction, when in reality, you are BUYING it with Coins. There IS some kind of transaction happening here. It's not free. Why the hell do you keep saying it is?

    • Superpokefan94

      It's free, because when you register that you have a Wii, you get enough coins to buy the game. You get the coins you have to pay for free, so the game is free.

  • Marimbarama

    Because it makes you so mad, Missay!

  • Superpokefan94

    Too bad this wasn't available in the European Club nintendo with their stupid stars…