Nintendo’s epic game has exceeded expectations for many fans, bringing both new gameplay, an emotional storyline, and a well-stated prequel to the entire series. With all those things included, it has still fallen short in some aspects.

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Skyward Sword is seen as a major step in the right direction for Zelda, Nintendo, and even other games. It has a great new gameplay style and storyline to show where the series has been and to introduce where the series could go. Bob Mackey, an article writer for 1Up, has an article on five ways he feels Skyward Sword has actually failed.

1. Content Spread too Thin

Mackey explains that Zelda was supposed to be a game with new sidequests and lots of extra content, but it was confined to only three areas and a “level select” overworld, limiting the excessive content the game includes. He points out that Link revisits “old areas under the thinnest of pretenses, where he undergoes tedious and unimaginative tasks.”

2. An Unchanging World

Skyward Sword is missing something Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and The Wind Waker had, the ability to change the world around you. Mackley points on how the instruments in those games had more useful and user friendly purposes. As he says, “Skyward’s harp offers nothing but a stupid-easy mini-game used to unlock a series of prescribed places.”

3. A Lack of Exploration

Mackey notes that Skyward Sword is missing something that has been included in Zelda since the first game in 1986, exploration. He says, “Skyward Sword may cut down on aimless wandering by opening up accessible areas essentially one “level” at a time, but in doing so, the game world feels disconnected, linear, and completely lacking in surprises.”

4. A Lack of Character

“Skyloft’s Bazaar is populated with some of the most bizarre and expressive characters within the entire Legend of Zelda series–but in Skyward Sword, Nintendo’s devotion to character begins and ends with this single location,” writes Mackey. He feels that the game needed deeper NPCs.

5. Once Again, an Annoying Sidekick

Mackey makes it clear that Fi is as annoying as Navi, if not more. She gives you statistics instead of good advice. In addition, she summarizes everything you are told, sometimes using more words than the NPC did.

1Up’s article is clearcut over the setbacks in Skyward Sword, though it is still a great game. It has introduced several good features that fans like. Even so, Mackey points out several major issues, that he notices in the game.

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Source: 1Up