Nintendo’s epic game has exceeded expectations for many fans, bringing both new gameplay, an emotional storyline, and a well-stated prequel to the entire series. With all those things included, it has still fallen short in some aspects.

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Skyward Sword is seen as a major step in the right direction for Zelda, Nintendo, and even other games. It has a great new gameplay style and storyline to show where the series has been and to introduce where the series could go. Bob Mackey, an article writer for 1Up, has an article on five ways he feels Skyward Sword has actually failed.

1. Content Spread too Thin

Mackey explains that Zelda was supposed to be a game with new sidequests and lots of extra content, but it was confined to only three areas and a “level select” overworld, limiting the excessive content the game includes. He points out that Link revisits “old areas under the thinnest of pretenses, where he undergoes tedious and unimaginative tasks.”

2. An Unchanging World

Skyward Sword is missing something Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and The Wind Waker had, the ability to change the world around you. Mackley points on how the instruments in those games had more useful and user friendly purposes. As he says, “Skyward’s harp offers nothing but a stupid-easy mini-game used to unlock a series of prescribed places.”

3. A Lack of Exploration

Mackey notes that Skyward Sword is missing something that has been included in Zelda since the first game in 1986, exploration. He says, “Skyward Sword may cut down on aimless wandering by opening up accessible areas essentially one “level” at a time, but in doing so, the game world feels disconnected, linear, and completely lacking in surprises.”

4. A Lack of Character

“Skyloft’s Bazaar is populated with some of the most bizarre and expressive characters within the entire Legend of Zelda series–but in Skyward Sword, Nintendo’s devotion to character begins and ends with this single location,” writes Mackey. He feels that the game needed deeper NPCs.

5. Once Again, an Annoying Sidekick

Mackey makes it clear that Fi is as annoying as Navi, if not more. She gives you statistics instead of good advice. In addition, she summarizes everything you are told, sometimes using more words than the NPC did.

1Up’s article is clearcut over the setbacks in Skyward Sword, though it is still a great game. It has introduced several good features that fans like. Even so, Mackey points out several major issues, that he notices in the game.

Do you agree with these criticisms? Explain why in the comments below.

Source: 1Up

  • SirLinkus

    Too whiney.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I agree with the criticisms for exactly the reasons the article explained, I really just felt that Skyward Sword was OK, but a Zelda game should be amazing, to me it's not amazing

    I actually managed to finish the game though, everyone else whose been playing the game at my house has stopped by the 2nd dungeon and one half way through, same problem, they think the game is OK but not great like previous titles so the interest to complete just isn't there, especially with annoyance like no text skipping and Fi

    • Hylian17

      weird, all my friends and cousins say this is the best zelda game they ever played….it must be just your opinion then…

      • YellowHat

        This is not even close to being the best Zelda ever, the main reason being a complete lack of exploration. In fact, all exploration is done in Skyloft, and the rewards are little more than extra rupees or other unexciting items. I can't explain my distaste for the item/bug collecting in Skyward Sword. Not at all fun.

        • Chucannon

          Just because the game is linear doesn't mean it's bad. In fact, this is personally my favourite 3D Zelda game, despite it's lack of exploration. People said the same thing about Final Fantasy XIII: It's linear so it's automatically bad. but that's definitely not the case. Games that go from allowing you to explore, to being very linear are always ridiculed, but unless the series is absolutely defined by it's exploration, then it doesn't matter. But that's just it: Zelda is loved for more reasons than just that you have the ability to explore.

          tl;dr: Linearity is not the same as bad

  • realar

    There is a 98% chance that most of Fi's dialogue was unnecessary and unwanted.

  • cookie monster

    I agree 100% for all those reason said.

    • Link and Cuccos

      Including the part about having an "Unchanging World"? Cause that's actually not true.

      You do have the ability to change the world around you, and that was done with Timeshift Stones. I'm surprised the author of this article completely ignores that, especially since it was used a lot in the game and played a major role, and was for a lot of people one of their favorite features in the game.

      • Jxudo

        The Timeshift stones only changed a scripted part of the world. There wasn't really anything you could do with them that benefited the rest of your quest.

        • Link and Cuccos

          But that applies to using the ocarina as well for, let's say, making it rain. There are areas that are scripted where you only use it where you have to. Otherwise, playing the Song of Storms randomly just to make it rain is not going to benefit the rest of my quest.

          I need to use the timeshift stones to get through the mining facility, the sandship, sky keep, and get my hylian shield. How does that not benefit the rest of my quest?

          • YellowHat

            They are just like any other switches you hit with your arrows… And like Jxudo said, they only changed small parts of the desert areas for short periods of time in order to make it to the next dungeon room or something of that nature.

          • Link and Cuccos

            And making it rain lasts for how long? Even when changing it from day to night in, let's say, Hyrule Field, is not permanent in all areas unless you're in a village for instance. And I use the day/night change in order to proceed to areas like Hyrule Castle (since the bridge is only down in the day time). The ocarina acts like a light switch for changing it from day to night. So because I can't take the timeshift stone with me to Skyloft means there is no changing world aspects in the game?

          • Wind mage

            The whole point of the ocarina and wind-waker were to give you creativity. Just think, making it rain will sometimes open a hole in the ground to explore, giving you a chance to find a spider or two. Also both insterments help you get around hyrule, kinda helpful right?
            No, not nessisarly, the fact is, is that when you play the game again, or want to go back to the same spot, all that timeshift stone stuff was only used in the main quest, you can go back all you want and use the timeshift stones, but nothing new will ever happen….

          • Link and Cuccos

            I think you're missing the point. The article stated that there is no changing world aspect. I'm saying there is, and that was done with timeshift stones.

          • Eddy

            I think the article was referring to using the instruments in each game. In ocarina of time you used the ocarina to make it rain, change day/night, warp places, etc. In Majora's Mask probably the same as well as manipulate time. In Wind Waker the baton is used to change the wind, day/night, or warp.

  • SmashKing101

    There are things I agree with, but like all Zelda games, it’s all how the player interprets the game themselves. For example, I felt that Fi was really repetitive, and she said things that made me think, “No Duh”. I have never felt that she was as annoying as a lot of people keep saying.

    Content wise I have to agree a little bit. I was a little disappointed in how there were only three lands to explore, but think how long it took you to beat the game and add another 5 hours by adding another land to explore. Besides other Zelda games have only 3-4 provinces. Ocarina of Time had the desert, water, forest, and volcano province not counting any of the temples as a province. Majora’s Mask had 4 provinces. Really the only games that had an extensive amount of “provinces” was the 8-bit games. Wind Waker was just huge because of the islands all on it’s own.

    With the characters I felt like having less of them was better for the game because you gained more of an attachment. My personal favorite person, besides Groose, were all the people in the bazaar. I loved to go in their and “not” buy or upgrade anything because their reactions were pretty funny. Having to many people in a game can get a little confusing in my opinion.

    As for the instruments and changing the world. No argument from me I agree.

    • Eddy

      Don't forget the Shadow and Ice Temples

  • Siaarn

    I agree wholeheartedly with all of these, Skyward Sword is my least favourite Zelda game pretty much because of all the reasons above. It was a good game, but I don't think it was a good ZELDA game. It felt too small, not enough of an open world. But, it wasn't terrible, I did love the main storyline, even if it only took up about 20% of the game, more Ghirahim and Zelda less Kikwis/Mogmas/Robots(wtfrobots) plz.

    • Siaarn

      Oh, another thing, the enemies were FAR too limited, I never want to see another Bokoblin again as long as I live.

      • Prada

        i agree with more ghirahim zelda… less kiwis/mogmas/robutts/bokoblin!… but i still loooovvveeed the game(even though it wasnt better than MM

    • RisinUp

      haha yeah i remember i saw alot of Game of The Year lists had a joke where they said Skyrim was the best Zelda game this year. which i agree. if nintendo made a skyrim like Zelda game it would be heaven.

      • Jarkes

        Wow. Immature much?

  • Dom

    Agreed with the above, although with regard to #4 I ended up really liking Groose. I'd also add voice acting. It's one thing when Zelda games used to ignore the story, but with so many cutscenes the lack of voice acting really stood out.

  • aeolus

    People hate on Fi too much. I'm sick of hearing that she says nothing useful. She says a lot more that is useful than any other sidekick, if you care about the information she has to offer. Since when have ANY of the sidekicks had brilliant info you actually need to know? Navi had info that you wanted if you wanted to know everything about the game, like what enemies are called, but Fi acts like a mini gossip stone in some cases

    • Ben


    • Rosalina

      I think that's the problem with her tbh. Fi's advice is TOO useful. It almost makes the point of puzzles and dungeons moot because she practically solves everything for you. Not to mention she often repeats info that was stated just seconds beforehand. For the first time ever, I felt like a Zelda game was treating me like an idiot or a five year old.

      But then….I liked Navi and that seems to be a big no-no for Zelda fans, so maybe I'm just weird.

      • YellowHat

        Navi was, honestly, not annoying to me in any sense of the word annoying. I didn't mind her "hey! listen! look out!", and I absolutely love the fact that Fi retained Navi's ability to tell you the names and info of enemies. Fi annoys me because you cannot skip her voice or her text, both of which grind my gears. But she annoys me even more because, like you said, she solves everything for you. It makes me feel completely irrelevant as a player.

        I would SO enjoy a mode of the game where you could kind of turn her hints off.

    • Sanity's_Theif

      She was annoying, popping up to tell me something so obvious way too often, and you can't skip the text, she's the most annoying sidekick in any game I've ever played

    • heroofmasks

      agree she wasnt that annoying and most of the time you can ignore the beeping from here after a couple seconds the beeping stops

      • wafflesftw

        fi isnt that annoying, but i agree that she gives you too many hints. personally, i liked midna the best

  • TheMaverickk

    I found the list to be for the most part just whiny and unfounded. Although there are some points that are indeed true. I chalk this up to the same whiny talk that comes from all the gamers out there who are miffed about Skyward Swords graphical style and motion controls.

    As for counter points;

    1. Content wasn't too thin, it's only thin in the minds of people who see "more variety of environments = more levels". People who saw the sky dive land point mechanic as "level" select need to give that save criticism to any game that uses a warp system to cross large worlds. Since you can't go anywhere in the game you haven't already visited.

    2. Change and influence of player actions vary from Zelda title to Zelda title. Ocarina of Time jumps 7 years and barely anything changed in the world. Majora's Mask changed day to day, and changed more so by helping people, Wind Waker has an incredibly static world, and Twilight Princess has it's static and dull dusk world. Skyward Sword is a very nice middle ground, where you have time shift stones changing the landscape, you have key story events which alter realm worlds (flooding of Faron, the night eruption of Eldin), the sealed grounds being filled by the Isle of the Goddess. So what if the harp doesn't play like the ocarina, the worlds changing matter more.

    3. Exploration… this really comes down to how you chose to explore the world. I always felt like I was exploring the domains as I looked for Kikwi's, or Power Generators, or even Key bits…. I was exploring as I searched for Nayru's Flame. That's all exploration, even if it was exploration that I had to do to progress in the game.

    4. The NPC's of Skyward Sword aren't as deep as Majora's Mask, but they were certainly deeper and more involving then Wind Waker and even Twilight Princess. This comes down to your expectations of Zelda game. The town had enough people with side quests to keep my adventure going another 20 hours probably and that is enough for me.

    5. Probably the only point I can agree on…. Fi is annoying. Oddly enough I don't despise her character…. she's not as amazing a companion as Midna, but I'm glad she wasn't a Midna wannabe. By the end of the adventure I did have some heart for this poorly handled awkward nerd of a companion.

  • Beachlovingirl

    I agree with everything except for Fi being annoying. I actually quite like her, but then again I like navi too.

    • Siaarn

      I liked Fi, too, that ight be the only part I didn't agree with. She was pretty cool, and unique.

    • rajaxar1

      I'm pretty sure my game is broken or something, because my Fi barely talked the whole time….

      • Zelda3607

        whoever wrote this post I'm sorry but those "issues" are REALLY freaking judge mental. Its better to have a new Zelda game than to have to play the older ones and Nintendo put time and effort to make a game so we can enjoy it NOT criticize it and what they said about Fi is WRONG because 1 Fi DIDN'T do any thing wrong by helping you Its not like she's stabbing you or something every time YOU ASK for her HELP 2. Navi is the same as Fi. As for the person who wrote the 'problems' If you are going to complain don't play the game at all.

  • Jeff

    her name should have been "Captain Hindsight"

  • trinity waffles

    He has some good points here and there, but you know, people have different points of views. For me, I used every opportunity I had to explore, talk, etc. So it was good enough for me!

  • Prada

    I wish every prop/object in zelda had some sort of interaction, like bumping into trees, grabbing rocks, grass,pots, taking water, holes–.and of course include all the ways to mess with a sheikah stone

  • Twister92

    I couldn't disagree more about his point on NPCs. I felt that Skyward Sword's characters were heavily developed as opposed to other NPCs.
    However, I have to admit that Fi is the most annoying "partner" I've ever experienced in a Zelda game. He is right on that point.

    • rajaxar1

      The point about NPC's is what he was trying to say.

      In other games, when Link reached an area, there was a village waiting for him, side quests, and interactions.

      In this game, you save three mogmas.

  • Link and Cuccos

    People bashed on Twilight Princess for being "too big and empty," so Nintendo really took that to heart and made SS more compact and dense with a lot of content while still creating that large world feeling. And now it seems like people think it's too compact? I felt there was a lot of exploring on the surface, especially Lanaryu Province. Not to mention I still get lost in Faron Woods. I liked TP's large overworld, and I also like SS's more compacted world. But it seems like one group of people are never going to be happy regardless of what route is taken.

    Regarding the limited to 3 area thing – each area is a province, and contains a section that opens up later on in the game. So there are essentially 6 sections for you to explore. I was very excited whenever I went back to an area to find out that there's this whole new area that I have not visited (i.e. the Sea of Sand in the Lanaryu Province). And for the "changing world" thing – it was done in SS – with Timeshift Stones.

    As for characters, this game had characters that felt more alive than any of the previous Zelda titles (the only other character I felt that was even more alive was Midna in TP). The characters, and story, were really raised a notch. Not to mention this is the first Zelda title I've seen that made that many people cry (Fi, Impa, and Zelda imprisoning herself). Even Link felt more alive. Groose's character development is amazing and has earned himself an unexpected fan following. I wished there had been more characters like Groose in previous Zelda titles, but Midna I think is still one of the best. Also, the Gratitude Crystals were fun to collect – I never had that much fun trying to upgrade to a bigger wallet. I loved having choices to set up Pipit and Karane, screw over Cawlin with the hand in toilet, or choosing to…er….have an affair with Peatrice.(next time I'm breaking her heart).

    The only thing I agree with from the article is the harp. As a musician, I wished the harp had been better implemented in the game (I was hoping to pluck strings at least instead of just strum). That is one of my main criticisms of the game, as I was really looking forward to the instrument. My only other criticism is that I wished I got to sword fight on my loftwing instead of do spin attacks.

    Other then that, I felt this game was near perfect for me.

  • Per

    I agree 100%, and would add some more points:

    1) Fi ruined some puzzels, explaining them before you had a change to figure them out.
    2) Mostly bad motion controls, the lag in motion controls make the combat shoppy and unresponsive, and every time out needed to aim you needed to reset the controls = boring, frustrating & easy combat.
    3) Collecting items paused the game, I hated those pauses when Link picked up some pointless item for the 100:th time like it was the main treasure in the game, even when in mid combat. This made me avoid them like the plague, it brought me out of the flow and experience, do not understand how they could let this through testing.
    4) the harp was a joke, most pointless & boring musical instrument in zelda ever,
    5) To much filler content & fetch quest, would have been a great 25 hour game, but was filled with boring stuff to make it longer.

    Loved the puzzels and level design, and the mood.

  • I definitely disagree with regards to the NPCs. The whole gratitude crystal quest fleshes out a lot of characters, but even the ones on the surface like the captain of the ship, the gorons and the dragons all had personalities to me. The characters in the bazaar were a bit comical, it wouldn't make sense to have everyone in the game act like that. Probably a point of argument but I thought Fi was fine and her contribution to the overall mythology is second only to the King of Red Lions for me.

  • Eximius

    Mackey can suck my [email protected]!&$ !!!!!

    • momoinparadise

      Completely agree with you there. What's wrong with you people?? I mean seriously? Way too much unnecessary negative criticism. I mean sure, some of those aspects about the game are to a certain extent true, but the game itself is so amazing that those things make very little impact on the overall presentation. Personally, I feel that everything about this game is incredible. Sure, there are some things they did somewhat differently than the other games, but that doesn't make it any less of a true Zelda game!! Yeah, a lot of the new characters are kind of strange looking, but a lot of them are also really cool. And I think that with that aspect they were trying to explain more into the past of the story obviously and the past representations of the characters from the other games. And I am so tired of everybody whining and bashing about how Navi, and now Fi, are so annoying and useless. FIRST OF ALL, Navi is a KEY part of the story in Ocarina of time, and if she wasn't there it wouldn't be the same now would it? The same with Fi. To me, if you're a true fan of the game these things would not in the least bit annoy you let alone be something to consider negative. Don't get me wrong, any game has it's flaws, but to me, there are none when it comes to the story of The Legend of Zelda.

      • Shishimaru

        Is navi truly that important for the story line of OoT? The only thing she did was summoning Link to the Deku Tree, but he could just have sent a random kokiri to do that.
        Although Fi is vital to SS story.

    • Jarkes

      Oh, great. Just when I thought the site was being a lot more reasonable about this article, I come across this. Bobsaggit.

  • SSLinkZ

    "Skyward Sword is missing something Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and The Wind Waker had, the ability to change the world around you." –

    Did you forget Timeshift Stones? That was one of the best parts of the game. I really liked watching the environment around me change to the past and witnessing what the surface used to be like. I prefer that to making the day turn to night or making it rain.

  • Red Bear LuX

    Skyward Sword was a fantastic game, but for me and pretty much for these reasons above Especially exploration) I think it's the worst 'main' 3D zelda out of the five now available.

  • Bob 33

    My bigest complaint is not having a “run and slash” feature like in tp. That was soooo useful!

    But yeah … sadly I found ss kinda lacking…no fishing, roll goal, pit of 100 trials type stuff (wait…. is that the paper mario one? I confuse the 2).

    • Jarkes

      Yeah, Pit of 100 Trials was Paper Mario. Zelda had the Savage Labyrinth (Wind Waker) and the Cave of Ordeals (Twilight Princess).

  • Gerudude

    Exploration was a bit limited for sure.
    Also the limited item pouch was down right stupid.
    No…you can't have that extra bottle….while the medals were completely useless.
    Still overal I really loved the game.

  • I have to say that Skyward Sword is probably my least favourite Zelda game (although I did enjoy it). Here's why:

    1) points 1-3 raised by article; I never criticised TP for being big and empty as someone above commented, I enjoyed the depth of the world and found Skyward Sword's provinces to be too small; the harp was useless in comparison to the ocarina, basically taking us back to the days of the warp flute (except without any real point). I just felt that the way you move from location to location, the game could have been something like Eternal Sonata rather than a Zelda game.

    2) I found the controls to be lagging at times, in particular using the shield, I had to time it awkwardly so I moved the nunchuck a second or two before I needed Link to shield bash (doesn't seem that long but it is during boss battles)

    3) Final boss battle – what a let down. Without spoilers, the pre – fight was more difficult than the final showdown.

  • 4) Other than Groose, Zelda and her companion (no spoilers hah) and I guess Fi, there were no characters which inspired loyalty or empathy (although i don't agree that 'Nintendo’s devotion to character begins and ends with this single location [of the Bazaar]'. Compared to Windwaker (Makar, Medli, Aryll, Grandma, Tetra, Pirates etc.etc.) Ocarina (Darunia, Saria, Impa, Nabooru, Rauru, Ruto, Malon, Talon etc.etc), MM (too many to even begin listing) and TP (Ditto) there was a distinct lack of this.

  • 5) The music. Usually a highlight of a Zelda game for me, other than the Ballad of the Goddess theme there wasn't much to enjoy as far as the score was concerned. Not even an overworld type theme that was resonant or even reminiscent of old Zelda music whereas TP offered one of the best themes in a Zelda game in Hyrule Field, Memories of Impaz, Midna's theme etc. and Windwaker had the Great Sea, even handhelds like Spirit Tracks and Minish Cap offered more.

    What I would say in defence of the game is that the dungeons and mini dungeons throughout are innovative and incredibly fun to play. Groose is an excellent character with real believable development, just a shame there weren't more characters in the game you could say this of. The Loftwings are adorable (surprised there wasn't more explained about them, or why Link's one was so special…). The dungeons weren't too long as well. I felt having the mini-dungeons there allowed Nintendo to make the temples less complicated rather than in past Zelda games where pre-temple gameplay is easy then the temple is ridiculously hard.

  • Ashmic

    i like skyward sword but yeah the world was too small for me, alot of those islands are nothing, they need to make more than one city/town

  • MDH

    I fully agree with points 1, 2, 3 and 5. As for point 4, I think the human NPCs are fleshed out quite well, but the new races got too little development (except for the robots).

  • Jon

    I think that fi is the best partner that lik ever had. I agreed with a couple of the points but most of them I have to disagree with. I thought it was one of the best Zelda games up there along with ocarina of time and majora’s mask.

  • Greg Hayes

    To me Navi was the most annoying sidekick. Fi actually comes in handy to tell you how to fight certain enemies. But, of all the sidekicks, Midna is and will remain my mind the best. She could actually help you fight with the energy field, open doors when you were the wolf, help you climb to high places as the wolf, and her outlook and demeanor made her more real than any other sidekick. All in all, Midna kicks butt!

  • Jrwilbur

    I thought skyward sword was on of the best zelda games to date along with ocarina of time and majoras mask. I agreed with some of the points but I disagree with others. One I Particulary disagree with is the one about fi I thought she was one of the least annoying guides in any Zelda game.

  • Jarkes

    To be honest, I'm still in the Lanayru Mining Facility, so I feel I can't really form a concrete opinion yet.

  • Linkdahero

    There's a 98% chance that Fi's dialogue wasn't necessary.

  • X_factor

    I felt that SS was great and amazing, but I do kinda agree that exploration was sorta limited. Beyond the bugs, items, and side-quests(which were great, if only they were a little deeper), I didn't find it necessary to revisit places. Oh, I forgot about the goddess cubes! They were my favorite part about exploration, I loved looking for each and every one 🙂 Every game has their flaws, SS is no exception. But that doesn't change the fact that SS is an incredible game worth of a 10/10.

  • Zorro

    First of all, I enjoyed the game. Most of the dungeons were great and I really liked Ghirahim.
    But, I agree with all the points, infact I would add another point to the article if I could. NO ROBOTS!
    I hated those robots….
    And the bosses were not as memorable as the bosses from previous games.
    Fi was a real pain to, I think she was great when you asked her stuff yourself, but she always gave you hints even when you didn't ask for them. She could atleast shut up until you ask her.

    • Jarkes

      What I didn't get about the robots was this: Not only did robots appear in the first game in the timeline and not in ANY other game, but in SS, they were already ANCIENT robots. I mean, I know that the idea of past civilizations somehow being more advanced than modern civilization is a pretty common theme in fantasy, but that's just ridiculous. That said, I haven't gotten to the part with Scrapper yet, and I hear he's REALLY annoying…

  • Angelo Mota

    Agreed with everything xD

  • Edward

    I totally agree!!!!!
    we expected more of this game, and it wasn't that glorious, it was excellent, but not what everyone expected
    the music could have been better or more vivid too

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that

    1-better music
    2- more NPC interaction
    3- more exploration
    4-longer game
    5-more dungeons please!!!


  • Edward

    this game was excellent (specially the controls) but…..
    it wasn't THAT excellent as they promised
    for the time we wait for a new Zelda game, let's enjoy Skyward Sword
    (and all the other since we got the official timeline !!! )

  • ChainofTermina

    I don't think that harp mini game was "Stupid-Easy" took me a few tries to get it right at every one.

    and I actually didn't really mind Fi. I honestly think her pointing out the obvious is an HOMAGE to Navi, and I like that.

  • I disagree with some of the points here. I thought the NPCs in Skyloft were actually more interactive than in previous Zelda titles. Certainly not on Majora's Mask's level, but at least we didn't have massive crowds of people that said absolutely nothing, wandering the streets of Skyloft like in Twilight Princess (even the ones you could talk to in Castle Town were completely unaware 90 percent of the time of what was going on around them. Come on, Hyrule Castle is suddenly encased in a freaking DIAMOND PRISON and you're still telling me about "that Zora boy" which I saved a long time ago!? Man…and don't even get me started on the Zoras, by the way)

    I loved Groose's character development in particular, plus how you could go around and help out the other NPCs and win gratitude crystals (loved the Karane and Pipit sidequest!). Also, when things actually happened because of your actions, the NPCs would change their dialogue to suit what was happening, further immersing you in the world and giving them more of a third-dimension rather than simply placeholders to make you feel less alone in the world.

    I do agree that the surface areas did feel a bit disconnected and that there was quite a bit of backtracking (but at least you gained access to new parts within the area later on). I wish there were more NPCs on the ground to interact with also, but then again it's pre-Hyrule so it somewhat makes sense. Unfortunately I do agree about the harp, but I don't think any instrument since the Wind Waker has had a truly environment-changing effect so I wasn't as bothered by it.

    I also somewhat agree with the criticism concerning Fi but she did grow on me (like Navi), especially at the ending (I won't ruin it for those who haven't seen it). I do admit, Midna did spoil me lots in TP, and I'm really hoping she returns for a future title, 😉

    • Jarkes

      Yeah, I never got that about TP… how exactly did only ONE person notice the FREAKING GIANT DIAMOND PRISON surrounding Hyrule Castle?

  • nayrugoddessofwisdom

    I could not agree more with what was said

  • OoTfan1225


  • Peter

    I don't agree with 3 and 5. I felt like there were places to explore, maybe not as much as other zelda games, but there are places. Some examples include the clouds around skyloft and the numerous secret places in the desert. Furthermore, if you go back to some of the earlier places, new areas are opened up for you to explore. Fi actually gave me very good advice when I needed it, but that was rare so maybe not all of her advice was good.

    However, I do agree with 4, Skyward Sword could have used more character development.
    I also think that the story could be even better.

  • ZeldaFan

    I do agree but its not enough to dislike the game

  • Link needs an annoying sidekick.

  • Zelda3607

    whoever wrote this post I'm sorry but those "issues" are REALLY freaking judge mental. Its better to have a new Zelda game than to have to play the older ones and Nintendo put time and effort to make a game so we can enjoy it NOT criticize it and what they said about Fi is WRONG because 1 Fi DIDN'T do any thing wrong by helping you Its not like she's stabbing you or something every time YOU ASK for her HELP 2. Navi is the same as Fi. As for the person who wrote the 'problems' If you are going to complain don't play the game at all.

    • Jarkes

      Wait a second, did you post this twice?

  • Alex

    I didnt ended reading the entire article… I had to stop at the point he insults Fi…JUST WHO THE HECK THIS GUY THUNKS HE IS?! Didnt someone from nintendo (cant remember who) said Skyward Sword was more for “fun” than exploration? Does he knows the harp is also used to sing with Kina and to make Gossip Stones appear? Wait no, the question is… DO HE EVEN PLAYED THE GAME?!

  • Spiritdark7

    I'd have to agree mainly with number 3, I felt the game wasn't wide enough. Take Ocarina of Time, after the game ended you could hop on Epona and run around watching the sunrise and sunset. The same with Wind Waker, except you are on a boat in the ocean. But with Skyward Sword you can only really fly around in the sky to one town, and there wasn't any towns in the three lands. While flying was amazing with the motion controls and the music, you didn't really have anywhere to go.

    I felt the main problem with Skyward Sword was that all the attention was on the fact that this game was a prequel to Ocarina. For ages Nintendo never really focused on the timeline (hence all the ideas and theories) they made a great story from each game as it came. But this one was more based on the origins of Hyrule. While this is excellent (finally get some ideas about the first Zelda and Link, plus there was a hint of ROMANCE!) they focused so much on it. We had to go back to the same areas and even go through the same dungeon twice. Also I struggled with the (you could call it) 'change' in the history of Hyrule: the Goddess Hylia. Her name is used for the lake in Ocarina but we've always been lead to believe Hyrule was created by Three Goddesses, Hylia was never mentioned.

    While I love story driven games (I really adore them!), I felt, for a Zelda title, this game focused so much on the timeline idea (they did release the timeline just after) that they ignored some of the key aspects of a great Zelda game: the dungeons and the freedom of a huge world. Isn't that one of the reasons A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and even Wind Waker and Twilight Princess got such love from the fans?

  • HyruleWeirdo

    Fi DOES give you good advice. Just in the form of statistics. I found her annoying for the same reasons Navi was. She was always bugging you, even when your objective was obvious.

  • DominionBlade

    I have to agree with everything he says. To be honest Skyward sword was not my favorite and probably for those reasons. most importantly, The lack of extra content, and inability to explore which is why I loved the side scrollers such as LttP and Link's awakening. Meandering aimlessly untill I found an area I couldn't access excited me because it told me: 1. There is more to explore, and 2. I haven't collected EVERYTHING yet. Knowing where to go is good, but having many paths to get there is even better. I think excluding a Hyrule Field was a bad move, because It truly doesn't feel like Zelda to me without the beaten paths of the crossroads and straying from it, making you feel like a true adventurer. AU could have at least put a field of some sort, albeit a small one. something besides dropping in from the sky. Windwaker got away with this because it had so much to explore. Then again the ocean was your "field."
    To sum up, Twilight Princess had too much real-estate to explore, while Skyward sword didn't have enough. The goldilocks zone for this is Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Although Nintendo tried something new, I don't think I'll be wanting to play this game again anytime soon.

  • Zeldagod72

    Honestly, there are a lot of great points here and this reviewer seems a bit harsh, but my biggest (and only) disappointment in this beautifully crafted game was Boss Variation. You fight Ghirahim as a boss for 2 out of the 6 dungeons. I would maybe understand him as a boss for 1 dungeon for story line purposes, but I would of liked to have one more unique boss to fight. Even making the 2 times you fight him completely different from each other would of been cool.

    As far as the harp goes…eh, it's a bit tricky to play and I would of liked more manual control in how it works.

  • Rinku

    IMO Skyward Sword was one of the best zelda games i've played, the music was incredibly, the bosses could've been better but they were epic, as for ppl bitching about the map not being connected stop right there and read into the story it tells you why it isn't connected and one of the reasons is the chunk of land thats suppose to be in the middle is in the sky duh, and tbh every zelda game has three provinces, yes SS wasn't perfect and niether were the ones b4 but SS took everything we loved of zelda and fused it, SS imo is the best zelda game out yes it needed some work but what zelda game is perfect i i love every zelda game, i just think ppl just like being picky and always find something to bitch about fans never know what they want i promise u ppl saying that skyward sword wasn't that great will say "i wish this zelda game was like SS" when the wii u zelda comes out i just know it while i'll be enjoying yet another great zelda entry

    • heroofmasks

      hey now i wont go around saying ss is the best it is fun and awsome but to me non are the best there all awsome and fun to play

  • I disagree strongly! I just got Ocarina of Time, and Navi is NOT as annoying as everyone makes her out to be! Sure, she may be a little annoying, but I think everyone goes a little overboard depicting her to be this Ultra-annoying devil fairy.

  • linkfan01

    Alot of these points are more of a personal opinion. This game had a necessary amount of content for the world it was in, and the NPC's were much more rich than more of the recent zelda games. Fi being annoying is mostly a matter of opinion. she DID say some bluntly obvious things but she definitely made me appreciate her by the end of the game. I can agree with the world being too linear though. I definitely felt as though they took out the exploration part of the game which is a huge thing for this franchise :L

    • heroofmasks

      well the 3 places where split off becouse of what the godess did to make skylof

  • heroofmasks

    i guess what some find anooying about navi is how when there walking they will hear navi say hey listen when she wants to say something of corse that never bothered me

  • michael

    Fi annoyed the living shit out of me! Whenever i had low health i would here the damn noise from the game, See the blinking and have her constantly annoy me about it! Same thing with the shield and the batteries. I already see on the screen that i need to replenish these things why does she need to tell me as well?