When Nintendo showed off the Wii U at last year’s E3 they left us with the assurance that the console would be coming to our living rooms in 2012. Even before the Wii U was announced Japanese publication Nikkei had stated it would release in mid-2012 which would be around the month of July. We still don’t have a set date as to the release but the great thing to know is that Nintendo has announced all regions will be receiving the console by the end of the year.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has spoken in a recent investors meeting that the Wii U will be coming by the end of December and that the launch will be a far greater one than what the 3DS achieved. Nintendo has learned from its mistakes he said and they are making big preparations for the success of the Wii U.

When do you think the long anticipated release of the Wii U take place? What would you like to see at its launch?

Source: Zelda Informer (Via GoNintendo)

  • Peter

    Yay!!! I wonder how much it will cost and if they are really going to change the name.

    • Timothy88

      Well EB Games in Australia have the price set at $600 but I hope that's not the case. I really want the name to be Revolution too!

      • HyruleWeirdo

        Yeah, I doubt that it'll be AUD $600. Although it will almost definately be a few hundred dollers more than the American one, unfortunately.

      • eliot

        no, super wii ftw

    • X_factor

      For some reason I don't feel like they'll change the name, but I'll have to see it to believe it. Or at least see a confirmation 🙂

    • Hylian_Knight

      Probably as much as any new console. I'd say $250$300ish I wouldn't expect more then $300 tho for nintendo. I think they will change the name. Better sales if people understand it's a whole new console and not an add-on for the Wii.

  • McGuirk

    I am honestly a little worried about that controller. It does not seem like it will be comfortable for longer playing sessions. Looks like it will enjoy slipping out of your hands and falling as well.

    • It can be uncomfortable as you may have to hold the controller up to the TV in a longer session, but you know, you could just use the controller screen as you would play the 3DS. I am a bit sceptical as well, but I wouldn't worry too much

  • I think it will be available for the holiday season. It would be a big mistake on Nintendo's part to miss the holiday surge

  • Rem

    Better save up.. And I really do hope they change the Wii U's name. It never really fit. What happened to the awesome names like Gamecube, Nintendo 64. ( And they should have kept calling their handhelds Gameboys, really.) Come on, Nintendo. Give us this badass name! : )

    • HyruleWeirdo

      Nintendo 64 is kind of uninventive.

      • Banooru

        Calling it N64 when I was younger felt really cool.

        • HyruleWeirdo

          That doesn't mean it wasn't uninventive.

    • Endre

      Nintendo gives their machines even more awsome code names. The Nintendo 64 was called "Project Reality". And initally the name was set to be Nintendo Ulstra 64 (Awsome!), but they had to drop Ultra because of some trademark issues.
      The GameCube was called Dolphin, and the the Wii was code name "Revolution". Nintendo Revolution, how awsome is that? And ofcourse we all know Project Caffe.

  • Magoria

    Then they are better be getting some good release games for the console. They just said that the developing of the new Smash Bros hasen´t even started and the Zelda Wii U is gods knows how far away.

    I hope that Luigi´s Mansion 2 ain´t gonna be the only desent release game from Nintendo.

    • I hope you realize that Luigi's Mansion 2 is a 3DS game.

      • Prada

        and its not even decent….lol. its indecent!

    • ArabDiSASTER

      I hope you aren't forgetting Paper Mario 3DS… I am waiting for this SOOOOOOO horribly…

  • I don't want to be a suck up or anything, but I REALLY hope it at least comes out with some zelda related game. *PLEASE TELL ME IT WILL BE UNDER $275, OR NINTENDO MADE THE SAME MISTAKE AS WITH THE 3DS*

  • veeronic

    I'm wondering where to store that controller

  • PeacefullyCrazy

    Wait…..didn't they just announce it last year? I don't know if it's just me or the air, but I smell another 3DS. : (

  • I really hope that there is a Zelda game at launch.
    They really should change the name from Wii U…

    • NintendoMasterG

      There won't be a Zelda game at launch. Think about it: Skyward Sword took 5 years to make, so another Zelda game already is very unlikely.

  • Hmm… Maybe it's better to put the launch date a little farther off. Y'know, just for making sure that there are good titles that will release along with it.

  • ZeldaPlaya

    you guys…I gotta say…I HIGHLY doubt we'll be seeing a Zelda game at the launch of the Wii U. You realize that leaves nintendo with about a year to create an entire new game after finishing Skyward Sword to have one ready for the next console of 2012? As for the name change, I wouldn't mind it but at the same time I'm all for the name Wii U. I believe in the name. But if Nintendo changes it, then thats cool too. All in all, if Nintendo delivers, (and we know they will) this could turn out to be pretty awesome.

  • Ozl

    I just hope it comes out on November 2012 just like the Wii did on Nov 2006 xD

    • Darkstar

      And the Gamecube in November 2001

  • Bob 33

    I doubt we’ll be lucky enough to see a Zelda launch but you never know. Who knows how long “Zelda U” has been in development? Maybe we’ll get one of those 3DS Zeldas for the holidays.




    GOOD ONE!!!!!

  • this is the best news ever !

  • Error

    I would love to see the console street before December. A lot of folks start their holiday shopping in October. I'd love to see a July release. It would give the console time to get some positive reviews around it so others can decide if they even want one for the holidays. I haven't pre-ordered a console in my life. This one, I will =)

  • Red Bear LuX

    The thing is, the Wii U can only miss the 'holiday' rush if it is released after Decemeber. At this point, it has no competition. Because pretty much anyone thats going to buy a Wii or 360 or PS3 has done by now, so the Wii U's sales will beat those systems (Well I'd certainly bet good money on it) What I don't want is to purchase my Wii U on launch day and be like OMG this consoel is frickin' AWESOME! And then a week later realise I have no games to play.

    Although in honesty I do believe Nintendo have learnt from past mistakes. This for me is looking like the console of this Gen, Microsoft and Sony will have to pull something pretty special out of the bag to win me over.

  • Goldbolt

    What I want is, at least from the GPU power, is an AMD Radeon HD 5000 Series equivalent. Yes, I love story, gameplay and all that but… Nintendo really needs to crank up the power, even just a little bit. Perhaps the best move for Nintendo is to push it back a little further and have the devs make some badass launch titles. And perhaps they can call it… Revolution haha

  • ChainofTermina

    hopefully one of these "Big Preparations" is a name change….

  • Hylian_Knight

    I hope it gets released before the end of the world! Lol. But in all honesty, the only game at THIS moment that I want is the new Zelda title….which will probably come around in 2015. So I'm not in any hurry to get this console yet unless another game comes out that I really want.

  • Adam

    I hope it’s under £240 and is released at the end of the year

  • jerm

    isnt the wii u juat a controller for the wii i seen a video it looked like a controller thats an i pad that works for your wii so if zelda u does come out iam hoping its played on the tube not just the controller all though got to give props to nintendo for the tv to fit board to controller right on nintendo

  • Zorro

    I'm a big fan of Nintendo, but I think that they are releasing this console to fast. The console might be powerful at this time, but Sony and Microsoft will mos def crush it when it comes to graphics if they release it now. I think Nintendo really have to crank up the power on this one, or else we will just have another Wii. I want to see the Zelda franchise in crazy ass graphics, like the first time I played OoT. That shit blew my mind!
    And don't get me started on release games. I think it's gonna be a dry first season or two and without games a console is nothing.