When Nintendo showed off the Wii U at last year’s E3 they left us with the assurance that the console would be coming to our living rooms in 2012. Even before the Wii U was announced Japanese publication Nikkei had stated it would release in mid-2012 which would be around the month of July. We still don’t have a set date as to the release but the great thing to know is that Nintendo has announced all regions will be receiving the console by the end of the year.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has spoken in a recent investors meeting that the Wii U will be coming by the end of December and that the launch will be a far greater one than what the 3DS achieved. Nintendo has learned from its mistakes he said and they are making big preparations for the success of the Wii U.

When do you think the long anticipated release of the Wii U take place? What would you like to see at its launch?

Source: Zelda Informer (Via GoNintendo)