Minecraft is a video game that allows you to build constructions out of your own imagination. One avid Zelda fan has gone so far as to build up a collection of areas dedicated to Ocarina of Time which look absolutely stunning. He calls it HyruleCraft and you can check out the awesome footage of it after the break.

How long do you reckon it took for this masterpiece to be created? What are your favorite areas of the HyruleCraft creation?

Source: GoNintendo


  • Luke


    People are awesome.

  • MrDudeyRock

    Two of my favourite games put together 🙂 Frikken awesome. And the Great Deku Tree looks insanely good. I totally wanna play this. And the music <3

  • I just… I just love the Zelda community, SO MUCH.

  • This looks awesome.
    The music is great!

  • Rocksor

    i love the deku tree in this

  • Next up: Groose Land?

  • I don't want to be an ass or anything but I have been working on OoT Minecraft Remake for about a year now. Check this out I have done a lot of work on it and I am actually coding it to have NPC's and quests and dungeons:

      • I've seen some of your videos before, but I think you built things way too big in your map. Scale is important when it comes to making everything fit properly.

        • What's way to big, from what I was liking at in the game there damn good to scale, Temple Of Time is pretty big, cause I wanted some good details in it.

  • Poyzun

    Amazing job, it makes me wish that I had been apart of that creation, i've been wanting to recreate something like that ;_;

  • Eddy

    Wow. The accuracy is impressive

  • Zachattack8888

    Very beautiful and accurate! Music is very nice as well.

  • David Fillion

    What happened to the one ZU was making? New Hyrule?

    • Casual Vader

      That's what I was wondering too.

  • Alwime

    Hyrule Ocarina with Ballad of the Goddess…? Sounds nice, looks impressive!

  • Lego needs to see this. Now.

  • Hylian Time Traveler

    No mention of how where doing this same thing on the ZU minecraftt server? (some of ours is better) This one is very nice though.

    • 1337Pancake

      What's the server IP?

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  • 1337Pancake

    Whats this texture pack? I want it…….

  • Marysol Hohl

    I love it. I could not do any better! Good job whoever did this!