And you thought the official Ocarina of Time ocarina song book was cool. Now everyday citizens of Hyrule can create a band and jam to your favorite Legend of Zelda or Mario song with four official books released from Alfred Music Publishing’s website. These titles include Super Mario Series for Guitar, Super Mario Series for Piano, Super Mario Series for Easy Piano, and The Legend of Zelda Series for Piano.

So what music can you learn from The Legend of Zelda Series for Piano book?

Sheet music for the Legend of Zelda series is rare unless you find a website that has made their own sheet music. But now that it is official it’s available to everyone. Song titles include:

  • “Title Theme” and the “Main Theme” from The Legend of Zelda
  • “Palace Theme” from The Adventure of Link
  • “The Dark World” and “Hyrule Castle” from A Link to the Past
  • “Lost Woods,” “Gerudo Valley,” and “Song of Storms” from Ocarina of Time
  • “Dragon Roost Island,” “Ocean Theme,” and “Molgera” from The Wind Waker
  • “Hidden Village” and “Midna’s Lament” from Twilight Princess
  • “Field Theme” and “Train Travel (Main Theme)” from Spirit Tracks

And much more! It seems like the book covers up until Skyward Sword which is cool, but I would have loved to learn “Ballad of the Goddess” or “Fi’s Theme” on the piano. Maybe next book?

What song would you like to learn how to play? What songs would you like to learn how to play from Skyward Sword? Let us know!

Source: Alfred Music (via Go Nintendo)
  • MrDudeyRock

    I can play the piano, and I've always wanted to play these, but whenever I started I'd always get distracted because I wouldn't know the notes. Now, I know the notes. Can't wait to play Lost Woods Theme 😀

  • Rita Mosqueda

    Wish they had a song book for guitar. Obviously I don't play piano.

    • HyruleWeirdo

      There is one for guitar. I got it from eBay. But from other sources, it appears to be official and contains an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto (in Japanese).

      • HyruleWeirdo

        Wait, there is actually one produced by Alfred according to the website.

  • I'd love to hear Zelda's Lullaby played on piano.

    *zips off to Youtube*

    • occultfan

      my friend Kento plays -mean- Zelda music. I'll see if I can't get ZU to do a post on him.

      All of this excellent fan-art lately, I think its time we see some more fan music, too.


  • Notes on the piano are the same notes on the guitar…………

    • HyruleWeirdo

      You would arrange the songs differently for the two instuments.

  • matthiust

    wish it was for ocarina

  • Wish I could read sheet music.

  • Nate

    There isn't violin sheet music ;'(

    • HyruleWeirdo

      I'd like to see some sheet music for Zelda violin and piano duets.

  • aeolus

    guys, notes are the same on ALL instruments. If you play guitar/violin/ocarina/etc and know your scales, you can use this piano sheet music to learn the songs. I used scans of the OoT piano book to learn the songs for guitar.

    • HyruleWeirdo

      The melodies are, but there are different arrangements for different instruments (especially ones like guitar).

  • shawty

    All those years messing around on the piano trying to play cool Zelda songs… They're now all on one book! I've been waiting for this for a loooong time!!!

  • TwilightPianist

    eh i already can play most songs on piano XD but still having an official book would be nice

  • joe

    You can find most of that sheet music floating around the internet if you look. It may not be "official" but it's arranged just as good.

  • Tenshion

    Most of those songs I have already learned on my own but I would love to have Zelda music sheet on my sheet self. 🙂 I haven't really played SS music yet except for Fi's Theme and Skyloft theme. Sadly this one doesn't seem to cover SS but I would love to have it anyways. 🙂

    • Eddy
  • jjb56

    I think I already learned about half the songs from the series by ear, but to see the actual book would be awesome!

  • jamba

    Wow this book is freakin hard to play! If you just want to have fun, get the beginner one. I got the Advanced one and i can barely play it, i have to play a few notes, pause, get all situated for the next chord or whatever. But I'll practice and get better and sound really good once I get it.

  • Trev

    I figured out parts of Ballad of the Goddess, but to a very simple degree…Anyway, great that some songs are finally being given "official" sheet music.