...take this.

Over the years, the Zelda series has amassed a large number of famous quotes.  “I AM ERROR,” “23 is number 1,” and, of course, “Hey, Listen!” are just a few that fans have clung to throughout the past two and a half decades.  However, one quote is older than them all:  “It’s dangerous to go alone!  Take this!”  Uttered to Link by the wise old man in the very first Zelda game, this saying has stuck with fans for years, even for those who haven’t played The Legend of Zelda.

Cracked.com has compiled a list of seventeen video games that can be broken down into Venn diagrams, and The Legend of Zelda is one of them.  Read on see how they summed up the Zelda franchise using that famous, age-old quote that we all know and love.

Based off of the original The Legend of Zelda

If you’re interested in what other Venn diagrams Cracked.com has come up with, visit their website to view all seventeen.

Link has had to face hundreds of foes throughout his many adventures, especially in The Legend of Zelda, and that legendary blade of evil’s bane has always been there to help him out, right from the very beginning.  Looking to the diagram above, how many of the enemies from the original Zelda game can you identify?

Source:  Cracked.com (via Kotaku)