Video gamers around the world look to IGN for their opinions about what games they should or shouldn’t buy and in this year’s “Best of 2011,” sparks were flying in a heated battle between everyone’s favorite games of 2011. “The Best of 2011 Awards” tend to spark controversy between video gamers, especially with this year’s great line up of games.

There were two types of awards per category: one being IGN’s staff picks and the other being IGN People’s Choice.

So what did our Skyward Sword win this year? Naturally, I don’t think anybody expects it to win Best Sports Game of 2011. Some of the results are surprising, though…

Starting off with the Best Adventure Game, IGN chose Mincraft this year as the best adventure game. However, in the IGN People’s Choice Award, Skyward Sword won. It’s not all that surprising considering the Zelda fanbase on IGN, and the fact that it was just a great adventure game all around.

For Best Story, IGN chose Catherine, which received a 9 when it was released. Considering the gameplay only exists because of the story, the story would have to be good for it to drive the players to keep playing. However,  Skyward Sword took the People’s Choice. The story was probably the best one the Legend of Zelda has had in a while, and the relationship between Zelda and Link really took the game to another level than past Zelda titles.

Best Sound went to Dead Space 2 in the IGN awards. Yet once again the members of IGN disagreed, and chose Skyward Sword as their 2011 game with best sound. Skyward Sword did something completely different this time around with their music. Instead of music coming first, sound is what really drove this year’s title. From Skipper’s Retreat in the Sand Sea, to the foreboding oboe of Skyview Temple, and  Eldin’s Stealth Section each piece of music makes each section of the game come to life. Every piece of music highlights the situation of what is going on around you, and for that it deserves this win in best sound.

As for Game of the Year, well IGN had to have given this to Skyward Sword… right? Sorry, but no. The Game of Year went to Portal 2. A couple of websites actually chose this game over the likes of Skyrim, Arkham City, or Skyward Sword and for a good reason. They wanted to avoid any type of massive conflict between gaming factions, and Portal 2 was probably the safest choice that still received a “perfect 10.”

Of course, fans did not agree and gave it up to Skyward Sword for the Game of the Year. Skyward Sword did exactly what it needed to do: change up the formula a little, throw in some nostalgia factors for older gamers, provide a thrilling, fun and, engrossing experience for gamers, and use the Wii MotionPlus without much of a fault. Skyward Sword is no Ocarina of Time, it did not reinvent the series, but what it did do was it took everything Zelda has learned and put it into use, and the result was fantastic and probably one of the most memorable, most engrossing, and best of all, most fun Zelda titles in the history of Hyrule .

What are your thoughts or opinions about IGN’s choices? Are you mad that they didn’t give Zelda any awards? Let us know!

Source:  IGN
  • pompis

    ocarina of time has not met its match then…

    • HyruleWeirdo

      And you have not learned how to write yet, apparently.

      • fifilin

        what do you mean

    • Craig

      You have to remember, Ocarina of Time broke major records and psychologically – People now believe nothing could beat it, so they subconciously lower their score or judgement on it with the thought "Surely no game could be better, especially any Zelda games after this as none of the others did, so I'll rate it slightly lower".

  • I'm not too surprised. Few major gaming websites that aren't dedicated entirely to Nintendo think that Nintendo games are worth mentioning when it comes to "best games." This is why I hate these sites. Especially G4. But most Nintendo-only gamers hate G4.

    Still, I'm a tad surprised that SS didn't win just one award. IGN may be one of those all-inclusive gaming websites, but they have never been militantly anti-Nintendo (again, i.e. G4). They have at least cut Nintendo games a lot more slack than many other all-inclusive gaming sites, and they do put multiple major Nintendo games on the front page (if applicable at the time) sometimes. X-Play cuts Nintendo no slack for anything, and GameStop (yes, the store) just ignores most Nintendo stuff in their ADs and PowerUp Rewards promos. Shame on you, IGN!

    And let's face it: Player's Choice awards do not account for anything (as in, sites and magazines never put those awards in their lists of award-winners from past years). Even though they should. Since they account for a more diverse group of people. And a larger group of people. Websites'/magazines' judging panels tend to all agree on the same things, so they are quite biased. Everyday players should count more.

    • Eddy

      You have to admit that there was a lot of competition this year: Uncharted 3, Arkham City, Skyrim, Portal 2, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Gears of War 3, Saints Row 3

      But I agree that Nintendo games are overlooked by many game outlets. The people who work for them probably don't play Nintendo games much themselves

  • SpaGheTTi

    Well, when it comes to an objective verdict, fans will always be disappointed when their game doesn't get picked. I don't care much for "best"-awards. It's really hard to choose which game is really the best one, given that there were so many great games in 2011.

    I think we should just all be happy that Skyward Sword got a solid 10 from IGN, and that's most that matters to me.

  • I also think Skyward Sword deserved to win Best Music of the Year award. I checked on the winner's (Skyrim's) total number of compilations, and it had only 52. But looking at Skyward Sword's there were 150. I hear Skyrim's pretty immense, but to only have that much music makes me question its capacity comparing that to SS.

    • HyruleWeirdo

      Quality, not quantity (that's not to say that SS's score is bad whatsoever). I've not exprerienced any of Skyrim's soundtrack, so I'm not justified to make a desicion, I'm just pointing that out.

      • hormeinKamph

        Yeah I'd rather the music all be memorable (and awesome) and in less quantity, like OoT

  • Link and Cuccos

    Skyward Sword did also win IGN's staff pick awards (in addition to People's Choice) in:

    Wii GOTY
    Best Wii Story
    Best Wii Graphics

    Yes, I know, it's obvious that Skyward Sword was going to sweep the awards in the Wii section, but it's still cool that it won these awards from IGN, on top of all the People's Choice awards it received.

    I'm happy that SS won People's Choice overall GOTY, and I'm fine with Portal 2 winning IGN's GOTY because, well, in that GOTY video that IGN presented….


  • Well, there was a lot of great competition this year. Portal 2 was awesome.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I agree with IGN's choices, I'm sorry, I will be a Zelda fan till the day I die, but I cannot lie and say that I enjoyed Skyward Sword very much, it's my least favorite Zelda, it was just not a game for me, I'm going back to play MM, OOT and TP again

  • Portal 2 got 9.5, while Skyward Sword and Uncharted 3 got 10's.
    How can two 'Masterpieces' be overlooked for an 'Amazing' game>

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