I'm a square...huzzah!

Over the past quarter of a century, Link has appeared in thousands, if not millions, of works of fan art.  This one may be the most adorable, and also one of the simplest, yet.  Simply and elegantly, Andy Helms from “Ok Totally” has stripped Link down into a single green square, and yet somehow managed to keep him true to his heroic nature.  Read on to see characters from the Mario franchise turned into simple shapes, as well, and to discuss how minimalism could be applied to the Zelda series.

Shy guy and a potion also get the "simple" treatment

Hitting the block

Boo:  even cuter like this!

To find more pieces of art like this, head on over to Andy’s site to view a full seventeen pages of his unique style of drawing.  His minimalist style enables all of the key features of a character or idea to completely shine–in this case, Link’s sword, shield, and hat truly define him as a hero without any other clutter or distractions.

What do you think about this style of artwork:  would you like to see more simple artwork that features a character’s key traits, or do you prefer larger, more detailed works of art?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!  What about having a more minimalistic Zelda game in general?  If you’re interested in discussing this idea, head on over to our forums, where this topic is currently being debated.  We’d love to have you join our community (if you haven’t done so already, of course)!

Source:  Ok Totally
  • Azurik

    …so, when I was 8 and everybody said my drawings were bad, I could have just said I was "minimalist?" THAT'S BRILLIANT!

    Joking aside, this art is actually good. No disrespect intended to the artist.

    • heyyo

      i am 20 and i am still a minimalist ;D

  • Chad

    I really love this artwork. As an artist myself, making something different yet recognizable is a great accomplishment I applaud him on his unique vision of Link and the Mario series! =)

  • Disciple of Midna

    I like it, it's absolutely adorable!

  • fgdffdgz


  • tml

    I immediately thought of Adventure Time and Pendleton Ward as well.

    • Speaking of Adventure Time, one of the very first pieces on his homepage of Jake and Finn (FROM Adventure Time)! You should check out his website, you might find more things you like, too. (:

  • Zachattack8888

    D'aww!! It's so cute! The shy guy is absolutely wonderful, bravo my good sir! Bravo!

  • I don't know which is more dignifying: Link being a square, or Mario being rotund.

    • occultfan

      Hahahaha! Good point >.<

  • Goron

    The ultimate toon link

  • Sanity's_Theif

    Looks like WW Toon Link… except square

  • Ashmic

    i want a zelda game with that art style, im not kidding

    • eliot

      yeah, the could call it: TLOZ: A Link To The Hipsters

      • Ashmic

        yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, no

  • Nen Desharu

    …or that Kirby is already considered minimalist. Mario characters should be either square or mushroom-shaped, Kirby characters should be either round or 5-pointed star-shaped, and Zelda characters should be either triangles or wave-shaped.

  • Jason Rappaport

    Looks like Adventure Time 😀

  • occultfan

    this is excellent.
    I love the soft lines which accentuate the solids and the heavy center gravity of the color, I'm referring specifically to the Link-block in green with the tufts of hair fluffing out.
    And Peach tossing a turnip, some Shy-Guys. Some good attention to a game that usually doesn't seem to get as much. And I like the haphazard styling of the Raccoon Mario.

    Very nice. I like your style, Andy. :3

    [edit:] I thought I noticed this. On looking at Peach again, doesn't the feeling that you've seen her algebraically-awesome face-styling before? And I love the texture of the red in the Shy-Guy. XD

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