The Legend of Groose

Ahh, the Legend of Groose.

“Travel back to 1992…” could be a way to describe this video series. A group of gamers have decided to dedicate their lunchtimes to playing one of the most popular games in Zelda history, A Link to the Past.

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The Retronauts at 1Up have decided against Mega Man 5 for their Friday lunchtime video. Instead they have chosen to do the first 23 minutes of A Link to the Past. Unlike a walkthrough video, their focus is on the Zelda discussion, rather than making a guide in the game. They bring up several points about Zelda games, such as the relationship to Ocarina of Time. In addition, the reference some an article here. They also read Tweets from gamers and answer their questions. And of course, they point out Nintendo of America’s mistakes at grammar. The funniest part about the whole video is probably that Groose finally got his own game.

If you think it sounds like a cool series, or like to attack chickens, leave a comment.

Source: 1Up