Zelda: On Set

A humorous take on why we still don’t hear voice acting in current Zelda games. For any of you who’ve done any acting, you’ll find this especially funny because it’s so, so true.

Warning: vulgar language.

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Source: Machima (via GoNintendo)

  • ChainofTermina

    Link…….the voice acting will NEVER be yours!……………………never.

  • hahahaha lol!

  • bastian

    On this particular story? Yup, we saved it for today. On other stories? We're pretty neck and neck. With our new hires added to our already great staff, we endeavor to get the news out even quicker. 😀

    • bastian

      Way to be a negative Nancy. Like I said, we have some new hires which will help us get the news out faster than ever. 😀

    • occultfan

      This has got to be my favorite Zelda site. I've been visiting for years, since Minish Cap's release if memory serves. It seems strange to think about internet sites you'll visit in the future, but I see this as a solid staple for me. For as long as there is a Zelda, there is a Zelda Universe. For as long as there is a Zelda Universe, there will be an Occult Fan to visit it. Such are the way of things.

  • Zachattack8888

    That was pretty humorous lol

  • This is why voice acting won't work for Zelda.

  • Beka

    LMAO if that ever happens I'm going to start feeling really bad for Ganon, having to listen to that voice half the game!

  • Every time a new Zelda parody or fan-"funny" comes out, I end up saying that it's my new favorite. Yet again, this is my new favorite!

    What really excites me is knowing that in just a short time they'll be yet ANOTHER amazing Zelda production to blow my mind.

  • Lol -10+ you are good

    Inspired me to check out ZD and I have to say you made my day, now I have 2x the news.