Cubed3–a website devoted to the videogames of Nintendo–wrote an interesting piece on looking back at January 2005 in Zelda history. They discussed one of the greatest handheld Zelda games, released in America seven years ago from this month. Hit the jump as we look at what Cubed3 had to say about the Hyrule adventure that may have made us check our surroundings a bit more.

Nintendo released The Minish Cap in the US back in the winter of January 2005. Cubed3 described the game as replicating the The Wind Waker style and molding it into its own. They also said that the The Minish Cap refined the polished 2D gameplay of the Zelda series and also introduced a new community aspect with the ability to collect Kinstones by fusing two fragments that would fit together like pieces of a puzzle. These Kinstones would unlock secrets which they say are just like the Goddess Cubes in Skyward Sword. They also believe that Skyward Sword‘s focus on the overworld and exploration was inspired by the way The Minish Cap was made, too. These similarities shouldn’t be too terribly surprising as the director for both The Minish Cap and Skyward Sword was Hidemaro Fujibayashi.

You can take a look at Cubed3’s article right here and let us know in the comments what you think about The Minish Cap.

Source: Cubed3

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  • Ah kinstones… still the bane of my existence. Because I'm just one away from a 100% complete game and I have no idea who has the other half. … It's probably Vaati, trolling me and not letting me get my first (and probably only) 100% complete Zelda game. Damn you, Vaats. Damn you. *shakes fist in the air*

    • Wingnutt13

      I feel your pain…

    • Lizzy


    • Zettobi

      I managed to finish all the Kinstones, as well as collect all the in-game figurines. Took a long time but I managed.

  • I love hearing the similarities between two titles, how one influenced the other.

  • occultfan

    How interesting is this!
    Now, firstly, the connection between the Goddess Cubes felt 'weak', but immediately I realized that, no, its a different form of the idea that there are object on the ground which might be transformed like keys to the locks spread out in the sky above, to have an affect somewhere else in the land.


    Did anyone else notice, how much like in Minish there exist the Tingle brothers (And David Jr.!!), that there was a minor cameo by Tingle in Skyward Sword? >.< Tingle you are everywhere!!

    The idea of the land above the sky, in Minish, was inescapably connected to any who have played this game, with respects to the advent of Skyward's appearance.

    Dig the ground fer iron…

    So, not related to Skyward, but to Minish and Wind Waker; I never really made the 'connection' between using Wind Waker's graphics and 'toning them down' to 2D. I can see Wind Waker with Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks. But until now, I only thought of Minish as having some 'simple connection' as to the stylistic direction that Nintendo was taking.

    The fact that Hidemaro Fujibayashi directed both adds a level/layer of meaning that makes this even more-intriguing.

    I'd like to see an artistic-direction/developer/influence graphic.

    Great post, ZU!

  • April

    Minish Cap is my third favorite Zelda game, OOT being first and SS second. I think it’s such an underrated game. I had a blast playing it. I loved the story. And come on, the Picori are so stinkin cute! 🙂

  • zelda4ever

    After beating minish cap, i thought if it were a console game that it would take forever to find all the kinstone pieces and matches. Then SS came out. Psychic!