Hyrule Historia in English

We at Zelda Universe have been so grateful to the fans scanning and translating pages from Hyrule Historia, providing us everything from the official timeline to confirming Ocarina of Time Link in Twilight Princess. However, we would love hold a translation of this beautiful book in our own hands.

What can you do to help the effort? Hit the jump to find out.

A newly formed Facebook group is trying to get support to bring Hyrule Historia across the seas.

The page has this to say about the effort:

Hyrule Historia is a book full of official information and art for the Legend of Zelda series. The demand for this book was so great that it sold out nearly instantly in Japan. Fans around the world are scrambling to buy a copy. Nintendo, please localize it into other languages. We, your Zelda fans, want to buy it.

Be sure to Like the page and participate in helping to bring this amazing book to the English (and other non-Japanese language) fans.

Source: Facebook

  • Goro-Coop

    If you are a true Legend of Zelda fan, you must have this book!!

  • Alissa

    Do Want!

  • Unfortunately one small group probably couldn't get much attention, so we need everyone we can get! Please help bring the Hyrule Historia overseas!

  • triforceofweegee

    you know they always localize the stuff in like a month or 2

  • triforceofweegee

    its definately gonna release.

    • triforceofweegee

      no. it won't.

  • Topaz Mutiny

    I keep getting a 403 error! T_T

  • RobertStyx

    A petition would be better than a facebook group TBH.

  • TheMaverickk

    to be honest a e-mail Nintendo campaign, or e-mail Reggie or something campaign would probably be more effective too.

    I don't know how closely Nintendo watches Facebook to see groups like this. I mean there are probably people who work for the company who would be aware of a movement, but they may not be the decision makers.

  • I got banned from facebook but I'll make many alt accs to help spread the word and grow this movement to excellent health! Good luck out there and let's get the message to nintendo.