A fan-made Toon Link

A few weeks ago, YouTube user Rudo1984 created a 3D digital model of Link from The Wind Waker.  Inspired by the game’s “unique art style,” the model is featured in a minute-long video in which it rotates upon a 360 degree axis, allowing for all of its features to be observed in what appears to be three dimensions.  Hop inside to see the beautiful model for yourself and soak up the nostalgia from The Wind Waker.

The lighting and shading really makes it seem as if this model could have appeared in an actual 3D game.  After all these years, it’s a testament to The Wind Waker’s timelessness that it is still being admired by the fan community–what do you think of this version of Toon Link, and how do you continue to celebrate the Hero of Winds?

Source:  YouTube (via GoNintendo).