Hello there, Universe! It is Monday, and that means it’s time for another wonderful Music Monday! Today we will be focusing on musical instruments in (and out of) the Zelda games.

The soundtrack in the Zelda series is a huge part of the experience, but musical instruments as items in the game are just as important to the series. Everything from the Spirit Flute to the Ocarina of Time: music is magic in Hyrule!

There is an amazing ocarina musician on YouTube known as Heathersocarina who uploads videos of herself playing various songs on the ocarina! A few weeks ago, I covered the 25th anniversary’s rendition of “Ballad of the Goddess,” and to see that song played on the ocarina, hit the jump!

I never get tired of watching those videos! It’s so fun and entertaining to see Zelda music played like that!

In Skyward Sword a wonderful instrument plays a big role in the game, and that instrument is the harp. This may not be the harp used by Zelda in the game, but this is a great video, and a great song played on the harp!


  • Listening to the harp made me wish that we could play Zelda's Lullaby in Skyward Sword.

  • mustachedwaffle

    Wow. Both of these videos are really good! I wish I could play my ocarina with that much skill.

  • GuildedBlood

    Man, I got to start playing my plastic 10 hole ocarina again!

  • ooccoowarrior

    Where did she find a zelda style double ocarina.

  • Rocksor

    I need to get one fast.

  • I have the banner with Link and Sheik playing the Serenade of Water as one of my laptop wallpapers, =). Also, I'm planning to buy myself an OoT replica Ocarina later this year, can't wait to play!

  • Soulless Creature

    Great music, great instraments, great musicians.