Well hello there Universe! I hope you all enjoyed Christmas yesterday, and I am glad to be here to bring you a Boxing Day pick-me-up! In case those horrible long lines of doom and despair got you down, this’ll pick you up! I am usually not a fan of Gerudo Valley’s theme, nor am I a fan of the location, in any of the Zelda games. I hate that part of Ocarina of Time with a passion! But, you know what changed my mind? The 25th Zelda Anniversary Orchestra did! The Symphony covered Twilight Princess’s Gerudo Valley, and to be short; it is, was, and always will be amazing. No question. To hear this awesome theme for yourself, hit the jump!

So after that jaw-dropping masterpiece of musical awesome, you probably need something to calm you down, after presumably dancing like a crazy person (me included). For those in the know, I purchased Skyward Sword about one and a half weeks ago! I know, I am super late, and I should have just bought it when it was released, but that’s in the past! I love the game. The graphics are great, the story is cute, and the music is awesome. I haven’t been playing lodes, so I’ve been in the Faron Woods for a few days, and I have fallen in love with the Faron Woods theme. So simple, yet so elegant.

Thank you for reading, and listening! I will see you again next Monday!

  • Once again the Symphony continue to amaze with their artistic capacity. I love every one of their tracks, though they're somewhat lacking in number, IMO.

  • Pipit

    I'm pretty sure Twilight Princess didn't have this theme. I could be wrong, but Ocarina of Time is the only game with the Gerudo valley theme.

    • Faleel

      I think he meant that he didnt like the LOCATION, not just the theme

  • Gwydion

    I'll just be honest, I think this is my least favorite of any official release of the Gerudo Valley theme. Not that I don't like it! I do like it! Just not as much as the original or the orchestrated version that came out years ago. It just… feels different, like it has a different flavor to it. Again, I enjoy it, just not as much as the earlier orchestrated version. It was certainly nice to hear a different take on it, though! I was glad they included this track on the CD. (I really love this CD, by the way!)

    • Faleel

      what "other orchestrated version"?

      the original version in the game (Ocarina of Time) was orchestrated, but it was not ORCHESTRAL, neither was the ZREO version ORCHESTRAL, all versions (beside ones played by orchestra's, groups, solo artists, or ensembles) of GV have been SYNTH!.

      • Craig

        Orchestrated is orchestral… MIDI music is not orchestrated at all. It's all synth and digital sound.

  • Ashmic

    i think the gerudo shoudl've had been in SS

    • Craig

      They didn't exist in Skyward Sword… They had to have originated from Skyloft and Hylians, because only Hylians could bear the Triforce pieces because the Goddesses created Hylia, a balanced deity and the first Hylian who then went on to use the Triforce to create Hylians and named them after herself. Groose is a hint to the Gerudo and the Loftwings too… The eyes and hair are giveaways, not to mention in Ocarina of Time 3D especially, the bird above the Spirit Temple was made to look more like the a blue loftwing, much like Groose's.

  • This music is exquisite.

  • DarkOwl

    Just to balance the argument a bit, let it be known that the OoT Gerudo Valley theme is one of my all time Zelda favourites!!

  • GuildedBlood

    i feel like I found this first…

    and this is OoT's Gerudo Valley not TPs….


    TP :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBE4IqApdAA

    Its also called Gerudo Desert from Twilight Princess and its kind of a weird remix.

  • leo

    superb choice dear

  • Agentbarto

    Such an awesome musical piece. Frantic and adventurous from the beginning.

  • The darkness lord

    i always loved gerudo valley theme..it's really a good tune

  • Craig

    It's not actually the Faron Woods theme as such, it's the opening music to The Wind Waker but has been put into a different arrangement for Faron Woods in Skyward Sword.

  • TTL

    I've always loved the theme from Ocarina of Time but, honestly, I sort of played it out a bit for myself. Most of my friends really love the theme and it gets played a lot, so like any great thing, you can over do it and, well . . .

    that's why I was getting misty eyed at this version. It's clearly that theme, but as was mentioned, it had a different flavor. It made it new again. There's no ranking here, no best version/worst version. It's just great music that can reinvent itself.

    You know, that thing Zelda as a franchise does and most of us I think can safely say enjoy the variety.

    • Craig

      I'm all for different renditions of the music, as long as it fits the scene in the game and hasn't been completely warped into a majorly different style (e.g. latino to dance LOL). That reminds me… Watch the new Pokemon movies "Pokemon the Movie Black/White: Victini and Reshiram/Zekrom"… There are 2 or 3 pieces of music that either is an exact copy of a tune from Zelda or the choral notes are from Zelda – Not to mention some of the story parallels… It's quite clear they were inspired by Zelda when creating the games and the movie (Dragonspiral Tower has a remade version of music from A Link to the Past too).