Well hello there Universe! I hope you all enjoyed Christmas yesterday, and I am glad to be here to bring you a Boxing Day pick-me-up! In case those horrible long lines of doom and despair got you down, this’ll pick you up! I am usually not a fan of Gerudo Valley’s theme, nor am I a fan of the location, in any of the Zelda games. I hate that part of Ocarina of Time with a passion! But, you know what changed my mind? The 25th Zelda Anniversary Orchestra did! The Symphony covered Twilight Princess’s Gerudo Valley, and to be short; it is, was, and always will be amazing. No question. To hear this awesome theme for yourself, hit the jump!

So after that jaw-dropping masterpiece of musical awesome, you probably need something to calm you down, after presumably dancing like a crazy person (me included). For those in the know, I purchased Skyward Sword about one and a half weeks ago! I know, I am super late, and I should have just bought it when it was released, but that’s in the past! I love the game. The graphics are great, the story is cute, and the music is awesome. I haven’t been playing lodes, so I’ve been in the Faron Woods for a few days, and I have fallen in love with the Faron Woods theme. So simple, yet so elegant.

Thank you for reading, and listening! I will see you again next Monday!