Zelda Skyward Sword Music

Skyward Sword was Zelda’s first leap into an orchestrated soundtrack, and I’m positive that many of us who have played the game by now have been impressed by its music. The sheer size of the score is impressive, with one rip listing 241 tracks, and among those there are many standouts. The game goes above and beyond using music to create wonderful background pieces. The music will subtly change to reflect changes in the environment, or it will highlight key dramatic moments or emotions. Considering that the game doesn’t use voice acting, the role of the music is very important. Skyward Sword stood up to this challenge and delivered.

Kotaku are putting together a series of articles highlighting the best video game music of 2011. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Skyward Sword has been featured by them. Their praise centers around the fact that the game’s use of music is similar to a concert and the fact that the use of a live orchestra adds a far more human feel:

“[Skyward Sword] is a Video Game as Concert Piece, a work that is as much about its ever-shifting, ever-more-complex musical themes as it is about its puzzles, gameworld, or story.”

Their top four tracks from the soundtrack are the Goddess’ Theme, Fi’s Theme, Romance Theme and Loftwing Theme. Which were your favorite pieces? Discuss them in the comments below.

Source: Kotaku
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