Although IGN is a general videogaming site, it’s no secret that they’ve got some huge Zelda fans on their staff.  Lucas Thomas over at IGN has compiled a list of all of the Zelda series’ great accomplishments in 2011 and put it all down onto a beautiful, flowing graphic.  The IGN team dubbed 2011 “The Year of Zelda” right from the very start, and after reviewing all of the triumphs that the series has had this year, you’re sure to agree.  Due to its long size (it does cover one of Zelda’s busiest years, after all!), the easiest way to view it is to head on over to IGN for yourself.  If you’d rather just read the text version, hit the jump below and read on.

  • February 21:  The Legend of Zelda celebrates its 25th anniversary, marking a quarter century since the game was first released in Japan.
  • June 7:  The Legend of Zelda:  Link’s Awakening DX is re-released for the 3DS virtual console, helping to launch the new Nintendo eShop.
  • Also June 7:  Nintendo shows off “The Legend of Zelda HD Experience” to E3 attendees, giving us a glimpse of what the series might look like on the Wii U.
  • June 17:  The Legend of Zelda:  Ocarina of Time 3D is released, finally giving early 3DS adopters a new physical game to buy for their starving systems.
  • August 8:  Nintendo announces the “Make Your Own Zelda Flipnote” contest, a month-long animation competition for artistic Zelda fans.
  • September 1:  As part of Nintendo’s apologetic Ambassador Program, the first two Zelda games are re-released as free downloads for early 3DS adopters.
  • September 19:  The Zelda series arrives on iPhone with “Ultimate iZelda Climb,” a shady, unlicensed use of Link’s likeness.
  • September 28:  The Legend of Zelda:  Four Swords Anniversary Edition is released as a free download through DSiWare.
  • October 21:  The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony Concert series opens at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles.  The tour will continue through 2012.
  • November 13:  Super Mario 3D Land is released, containing World 5-2, the Mario series’ first level created as a direct homage to The Legend of Zelda.
  • November 20:  After a half decade of development, The Legend of Zelda:  Skyward Sword is finally released.  It immediately becomes the fastest selling Zelda game ever, and earns a perfect 10 from IGN.
  • December 16:  The year comes to a close with one last Zelda release, a re-issue of The Legend of Zelda:  The Minish Cap for 3DS Ambassadors.

With seven different games launched, the 25th anniversary celebrated, and a glimpse of the future, 2011 truly was “The Year of Zelda.”  Even since this graphic was created, more surprises have arisen, such as the release of an official Zelda timeline.  Of all the amazing triumphs, which was your personal favorite?

Source:  IGN.
  • You left off Hyrule Historia.

    • zeldaduderox

      Actually he didn't, considering IGN didn't include it.

  • It's a shame that this year is almost coming to a close.

  • Feline Witch

    Its a shame that even the biggest Zelda fans forgot that it was the tenth anniversary of the Oracle games too. They're great games, they deserve to be celebrated too!

    • I'm just glad that Lucas Thomas took the time to make this graphic for us. It'll come in handy later on when looking back on the 25th anniversary year. (:

  • Artey

    With this said I'm pretty sure it's time for us to prepare for a few years with very little Zelda.

  • BlizzagaLantean

    Meh. I'm glad this Zelda 25th Anniversary stuff is coming to a close. Poor Metroid…

    • Hyrule's Shadow

      Look, if you're a Zelda fan then yeah, it's been an awesome year but if you're just a gamer it's overwhelming. I love the Legend of Zelda!

  • Meh. I'm glad this Zelda 25th Anniversary stuff is coming to a close. Poor Metroid…

  • zelda4ever

    Game recycling is the most important recycling: it makes many more join our community.

  • Chozo Knight

    Why is Ultimate iZelda Climb even on there? That is an insult to the rest of the awesomeness that is on that list.

  • coop

    Just finished Skyward Sword on Hero Mode. Zelda has changed for the better! Best year ever!

  • Darkstar

    Lest we forget that Zelda is the first inductee of the Video Game Hall of Fame! Link rewrote history once again as the true Hero of Time. Happy 25th anniversary!

  • Sanguiluna

    Poor Samus Aran. 🙁

  • now its 26 years

  • ZeldaTheorist311

    So why isn't the official fu(king confirmation of the Zelda Timeline on this list too?

  • QueenxLink

    IGN forgot the Zelda Edition 3DS