Hey Guys! It’s four days until Christmas! In today’s edition, we discuss the possibilities and fan desires of a The Legend of Zelda movie.

It’s been a topic of discussion for a very long time. Will Nintendo make a theatrical Zelda movie, or a theatrical movie of any of their franchises?

Some may recall (while others try to forget) the horrendous 1993 film Super Mario Bros. This was Nintendo’s chance to make it in the movie business. Unfortunately for Nintendo, and us, the movie was a flop critically and financially. This made Nintendo very protective of their characters, and this basically the reason we don’t have Star Fox Episode 7: Do a Barrel Roll and Kong’s Big Adventure: A Tale of Apes coming to theaters Summer 2012.

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Some think this lack of Nintendo films is a good thing. With the way Super Mario Bros. turned out, who knows how a Zelda movie would be. Would they have stuck to the plot and stories we all know and love? Or would Link be a modern day boy living in New York fighting the Moblin Gang? In today’s video, we discuss the possibility of a Zelda movie, and what we would like to see if it ever happened. Would you want to see a live action film, or a whimsical hand animated feature? Possibly a 3D animated film, or a buddy cop comedy? Please don’t pick the buddy cop comedy!

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