Hey Guys! It’s four days until Christmas! In today’s edition, we discuss the possibilities and fan desires of a The Legend of Zelda movie.

It’s been a topic of discussion for a very long time. Will Nintendo make a theatrical Zelda movie, or a theatrical movie of any of their franchises?

Some may recall (while others try to forget) the horrendous 1993 film Super Mario Bros. This was Nintendo’s chance to make it in the movie business. Unfortunately for Nintendo, and us, the movie was a flop critically and financially. This made Nintendo very protective of their characters, and this basically the reason we don’t have Star Fox Episode 7: Do a Barrel Roll and Kong’s Big Adventure: A Tale of Apes coming to theaters Summer 2012.

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Some think this lack of Nintendo films is a good thing. With the way Super Mario Bros. turned out, who knows how a Zelda movie would be. Would they have stuck to the plot and stories we all know and love? Or would Link be a modern day boy living in New York fighting the Moblin Gang? In today’s video, we discuss the possibility of a Zelda movie, and what we would like to see if it ever happened. Would you want to see a live action film, or a whimsical hand animated feature? Possibly a 3D animated film, or a buddy cop comedy? Please don’t pick the buddy cop comedy!

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  • Leolanna

    Never thought of it, but actually a Studio Ghibli style mixed with Skyward Sword style would look pretty awesome, that`s a great idea. Hope Nintendo thinks the same.

  • Tom

    Never live action… never.

  • Calum

    I think it should be done using motion capture technology, ala the new Tintin movie, and with a 3D anime-esque style used.

    And I think the plot being an adaption of Skyward Sword would work best. That game had plenty of cinematic moments which I’d love to see translated on to the big screen. Also with the game being a prequel, its plot would act as a good introduction to the Zelda lore for an audience unfamiliar with it.

    • bob

      your right that would be a great interduction of the zelda series to people unfamilar with it, they would know to NEVER buy anything zelda related ever

  • Honestly, something like Tintin (super amazing CGI with great level of detail) with an atmosphere like the one of How to Train your Dragon.
    I’d love to see something related to Skyloft because this is my favorite Zelda of the entire series…

  • Victor George

    Definitely like in the style of the new Tintin movie. It doesn't have to be live-action, but neither should it be forced into being a 2D cartoon.

  • Royal Nobody

    A Zelda movie in the style of the new Tintin movie, as previously mentioned, is the way to go Imho. You want to capture the beautiful environments Link travels through, and CGI is the best way to do this. The story has to be true to the Legend of Zelda, so an epic quest for Link to find the Triforce in order to save Princess Zelda. The best thing about a Zelda game is the exploring Link does, and I think as long as this is captured on the big screen it can only be a good thing, for Nintendo & for the fans.

  • urindar

    let GUIBLI do it !!!!!!!!!

  • RedBearLuX

    Okay I had to pause real quick and just ask one thing…. What the F**k is a 'Master Shield'? Anyone? Ooooh he meant Hylian Shield….riiiiiight….

  • Studio Ghibli would be the perfect route to go down for an anime take on Zelda. If they wanted to maintain a "silent" Link then all the other characters could talk. It worked fine for Kirby: Right Back At Ya, with everyone except Kirby speaking, so the same can be done with Zelda, IMO.

    • I agree. Studio Ghibli would be the perfect avenue for Zelda to become a movie or a series. I honestly don't think it would work as live action; it would be too odd if Link never spoke whereas in a cartoon we are much more forgiving.

  • Link is our link to the game world – the player is the actor in the game. When we’re not controlling Link, he *should* talk.

    • jjb56

      It could be hard make Link's voice acting correctly without ruining his character.

  • jinlazydays

    A pixar ish version of a Zelda movie is something I'd love to bits.

  • mrnjlw1090

    A Zelda Movie can't work in live action. Studio Ghibli would be an incredible company to animate a Zelda movie. Animated in anyway, be it in 3D or traditional 2D would be amazing in and of itself.

  • Epona

    As much as I want a Zelda movie, it would ruin the zelda franchise. It'll never be same. it could turn out to be very successful, or ruin the Legend of Zelda forever. Look up the Zelda trailer that IGN made for April Fools a few years ago. It looked actually really cool. I even fell for it and thought it was real. But if it was an actual movie, it wouldn't be that good. Look at some examples of video games or books that were movies that were failures… Prince of Persia… Eragon… I used to love the Eragon books. But ever since the movie fail I've had no desire to read those books now. And if there is a Zelda movie and it's a failure, people wouldn't want to play the games anymore. So if there ever is a Legend of Zelda movie, make it as amazing as possible. They would need world-class directors and actors to make something like a Zelda movie legit, not cheesy. Go LoZ!

    • Weevil


    • ryan

      that really wouldn't make people stop playing the games because the super Mario movie was a complete fail yet countless people still buy those games so the same would probably happen for LoZ.

  • Artey

    Only if it's Studio Ghibli

  • link5050

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    make a zelda movie XD


    As much as I love Zelda, I'm not sure there's enough plot to make a 1hr, 30min or 2hr movie out of. Maybe it's the 25th Anniversary joy talking, but why not take elements from most of the Zelda games and combine them? The basic plot of Ocarina, the Hyrule Castle Takeover scene from Twilight Princess (with Ganondorf instead of Zant), a Zelda that does more than look pretty and get kidnapped (Tetra from Wind Waker, without the [email protected]$$ in Distress Syndrome), and depth to the supporting cast (Majora's Mask).

    In short, create a new story out of the old ones. FrankenZelda, without scaring away everybody it meets and have random people try to beat it away from the blind with a stick.

  • Gameboy256

    zelda anime

  • That guy

    Although wouldn't it be a little rushed considering he has to go through temples in each game? Don't get me wrong, I would love to see a Zelda movie before I die, but what exactly would the formula for it be?

    • jjb56

      maybe something like the manga?

  • The way I feel about a Zelda movie is the same way I feel about voice-acting in the Zelda series. They could do it. It's possible. But it's good for them to be protective. Because if it's not everything that people hope and dream for, if it's not perfect, it will be an absolute flop and everyone will hate it. Personally, I would rather they didn't. The great thing about having no voice-acting (aside from some grunts and laughs) or movies to go by is that it allows fans to imagine their own personalities and voices for the characters, which I think is a lot more fun. I wouldn't mind a movie, but I'd hope that if they made one that they would at least try to make it the best it can be and not simply an endeavor to make money; haha, what a silly idea that is!

    • katyerin

      Should have read your response before I posted my own; I agree with you wholeheartedly.

  • katyerin

    I think the only way a Zelda movie could be worth it is if the idea was bought by Disney or Universal and they went all out with a live-action blockbuster. With the special effects technology seen in LOTR and Avatar and Tron: Legacy and movies of that type, we know it's possible to REALLY bring Hyrule to life on the screen in a live-action setting, and with the cult fan following Zelda has, it would be way more beneficial for Nintendo to target an older (18-34) audience rather than young children, such as with an animated feature. As a screenwriter, filmmaker, actress, and HUGE Zelda nerd, this is a topic I'm really passionate about. And honestly, it would be fine with me if they never made a Zelda movie, because in order to do it just is they would have to do everything perfectly (and expensively). Maybe it's better if they never take the risk.

  • Weevil

    i don't think that there should be a zelda movie. so far all video game movies have been a fail.( such as price of persia). I agree that Tintin is a good movie but that is not based off of a video game and Peter Jackson was the producer/ director so it has to be good.

  • Decimo anonimo

    I prefer the idea of have the interstella 5555 style, not the way of the drawing, but as how was made, no sound at all, just the use of the music, sequences and action, that could be pretty good

  • Breanna

    I think making a Zelda movie in the first place, would be awesome. But, when in the wrong hands, it could be disastrous, and could easily tarnish the good Zelda name. If they were to make the movie, Studio Ghibli with Skyward sword art would be phenomenal. I would be the first in line. I think a pixar styled movie wouldn't be bad either, but again, pixar tends to be for younger audience and I feel it might lean towards humor than focus on the main story. Something like Final Fantasy would be awesome too. They have awesome graphics, beautiful scenes, they develop the story line very well. Square Enix would be another choice, in my opinion, to look at too. Voice acting…I'm not really for it unless you find THE right voice. But, Link really doesn't talk in the first place, so honestly I would prefer listening to grunts and yells throughout the movie than listen to him to to a fairy. NO LIVE ACTION WHAT SO EVER. That would definitely ruin the beautiful and glorious image that Nintendo has brought to us, even if the movie turned out to be a success. Then they would want to try and place that voice within the next generation of Zelda games, and overall i feel that would have a negative affect on the game.

    Overall I am for a movie. But, i think Nintendo should really think about what they really want to do with the movie before trusting it into another company, if they don't want to make it themselves.

  • The Guy

    I think I remember that there was a Zelda movie that was made BUT! Nintendo had nothing to do with it. I saw it online and it sort of sucked. It was just bad. It was just Link running around. It wasn't awsome but then Nintendo had nothing to do with it so…Yeah… Maybe with some other people, a Zelda movie would be awsome.

    • jjb56

      it wasn't anime

  • Alec

    I could see an animated, light hearted Zelda film, but deep down I'd really like to see a WELL DONE live action film that reflects the darker side of the games, like Twilight Princess compared to Wind Waker. I think if they did it well, it has potential to be really epic.

  • Zelda3607

    you know what?They could try and make a super smash bros. movie or somethin where a lot of Nintendo stars would be in it cough..cough..Mario…cough lol. I feel like they read my mind sayin that Nintendo should open up their own studio.I mean they could make it the was they want it and no one would make the characters seem..well not their selves like in the super mario bros movie GRR they ruined one of my fav. video character's (mario's) reputation.the super mario bros. super show wasnt bad though…….the zelda was well…….

    • Zelda3607

      and i know the super mario bros super show was a cartoon.

    • jjb56

      Nintendo made a half-hour movie (if all the subspace emissary clips are put together), and absolutely none of the characters spoke. I love subspace emissary for that.

  • Devoid

    Am I the only one that thinks if a Live-action movie was done right, that it would be amazing? using CGI special effects ala that of Transformers?





  • linkintime

    I almost died when I saw the Studio Ghilbi pic :/

  • Danayru

    Studio Ghibli all the way! But they'd have to do it right. I fucking love those movies! Spirited Away, Tottoro, Ponyo. They're awesome! I would love that!

  • mono4411

    One thing you have to keep on mind between, Zelda and Mario, is that, at the time, Mario games practically had no story. It was just run to the right, to kill the turtle, and save the princess. I think an animated Zelda film would be fantastic!

    • mono4411

      Oh and let me clarify, why I said the thing about Mario. Mario having no story was probably the reason that the movie was so unsuccessful (I’m one of the few who loved it), but I think Zelda could easily be adapted, into an animated film.

  • Slixxer

    Zelda Movie? HELL NO!! Metroid Movie? yea sure. I mean they already have Samus speaking and the cinematics from Other M were pretty badass. But to try to make a movie that would have to be beyond Epic is impossible with our current technological movie making abilities. For those who think they should make a movie now are not thinking about it hard enough. To give Link a voice is a crime against nature.

  • ScottyScotty

    I personally feel pixar style animation and that the play from Majora’s Mask could easily be a movie. Just sayin’

  • ScottyScotty

    Geez I meant plot.